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Topic: alone and frustrated

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. bubalady
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    4 posts
    10 June 2019
    i get frustrated so easily lately. For example, I want to find something that should be right in front of me, and I can't find it. I get terribly upset because I want t now! I have tried cooking which I usually enjoy. Twice in 3 days I burned the pot and needed to throw out the food and scrub the pot. The smell of burn lingers in the whole house. I feel like I'm losing it.I feel extremely cold, and the heater doesn't help. I just want to go to sleep.
  2. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    14757 posts
    10 June 2019 in reply to bubalady


    welcome to the forum. It is annoying when you find yourself being frustrated so easily.

    I often find it hard to find things because I am disorganised . If you look later when you arecslmer do you find what you want.

    Is there some thing that you think may have caused you to become more frustrated.

    If I am not focused on cooking I burn things as I am not concentrating.

    Does that happen with you?

    Do you feel tired all the time or just when you feel cold?

    Thanks for making your post.


  3. Lemmy
    Lemmy avatar
    32 posts
    11 June 2019 in reply to bubalady
    Hi bubalady, welcome i hope you find some help with your situation. It sounds like when i am distracted with bigger things in my life that i get the same way regarding frustrating moments. Its good to remember that these minor things are not a big catastrophic event that will ruin your day. take deep breaths and try to learn from simple mistakes like burning food, maybe get a egg timer so it can remind you you have food on the stove? ;)
    Meditation even in a small 5/10 minute block out of your day can sometimes help clear the mind to focus on the things need doing. Can't always help in finding those lost car keys though!
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  4. bubalady
    bubalady avatar
    4 posts
    22 June 2019 in reply to quirkywords

    I thought I was organised, but lately I'm not sure. It took me 3 days of searching then leaving it till I found my hearing aids. I decided to try group support though I'm not sure this is what I need. Hoping to start mid July.

    My problem is too many issues including medical, and I tend to focus on them in order to solve them, rather than leave them to get solved on their own, and focus on moving forward.

  5. bubalady
    bubalady avatar
    4 posts
    22 June 2019 in reply to Lemmy
    I guess I try to cook for 2 reasons. 1 - I want to focus on something I enjoy and distract myself from a problem I have no control over. 2 - I want to eat something I like, different from what I have in the fridge. Breathing helps a bit, and walking my dog helps too. She's a great comfort. I can't seem to relax or meditate, too frustrated.
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  6. Lemmy
    Lemmy avatar
    32 posts
    7 July 2019 in reply to bubalady

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, i totally can relate to having something to enjoy in order to distract you from what may be bothering you at the time. for me its hiking in the wilderness or painting. i like to cook as well, but i prefer to cook for more than one which of late has been hard to do.

    its great that you have a comforting dog to take for walks, its a great incouragement to get outside and soak up some sunshine :)

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