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Topic: Cannot sleep

11 posts, 0 answered
  1. Stree
    Stree avatar
    5 posts
    13 June 2021
    Hi first post bit nervous anxiety about intrusive thoughts and effects on sleep I think I’m ok and handle the thoughts but night time I cannot sleep bad night tonight meds don’t seem to do the trick just a bit desperate tonight
  2. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    11890 posts
    13 June 2021 in reply to Stree


    welcome to the forums and thanks for starting your own thread.

    I am sorry you are feeling anxious about intrusive thoughts at night.
    sometimes it is easier during the day but at night when it is still and quiet our thoughts can have minds of their own.

    Some people find calming meditations or apps can help.

    if you use the search engine here you can read about how others have coped with intrusive thoughts.

  3. Stree
    Stree avatar
    5 posts
    13 June 2021 in reply to quirkywords

    Thanks quirky words, have been through a few bouts of this , stopped antidepressants in dec and now think I’ve relapsed.

    started with sleep effected with worry about being able to sleep before a long car trip , suddenly a lot of those thoughts reoccurred some a bit more bizarre than others, now sleep really effected

  4. Ggrand
    Community Champion
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    Ggrand avatar
    8912 posts
    13 June 2021 in reply to Stree

    Hello Dear Stree,

    A warm welcome to our forums..

    Im sorry that your having troubles with your anxiety and sleep..

    Being sleep deprived can cause our mental health to escalate a lot....Sleep is so important for our mental health and also our physical health...

    We have a lots of thread on these forums about sleep..with some really good suggestions on what works for other people...maybe if you feel up to it..just search “sleep” and hopefully one of those thread will help you...

    I had lots of trouble sleeping because when I go to bed, my thoughts wake up, and constantly go round and round relentlessly....Then I found on You Tube some sleep stories..Now each night I listen very mindfully to one and in no time I fall asleep....Maybe you might like to try listening to a sleep story..and see how you pressure to do so...just putting what works for the hope that it works for you..

    My kindest thoughts Dear Stree...


  5. Stree
    Stree avatar
    5 posts
    13 June 2021 in reply to Ggrand
    Thanks Grandy , helps to have support like this , I’ll try the sleep stories
  6. halomusic
    halomusic avatar
    6 posts
    13 June 2021 in reply to Stree

    Hi Stree,

    I've had lots of trouble sleeping since like 7 years ago (when i was 8) and only last year i started meds. There are some over the counter ones which is just a natural sleep hormone and can help lots of people. If meds aren't your thing then I've got a weighted blanket and that actually really helps. White noise like rain or relaxing music also helps me get to sleep. But ofc it can't be solved that easily do if the thoughts get too bad, I can almost guarantee that some people will be on here and willing to talk and help.

    I hope this helps,


  7. Stree
    Stree avatar
    5 posts
    15 June 2021 in reply to Ggrand
    Tried sleep stories and went ok for one night but not the next, I don’t know why I cannot sleep even if I’m not thinking of anything, appetite not great either, this is so challenging once again, start of 5th week of medication wish it would help better with sleep
  8. Ggrand
    Community Champion
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    Ggrand avatar
    8912 posts
    15 June 2021 in reply to Stree

    Hello Stree,

    I am pleased you tried the sleep stories, but sad that it only worked one night....Some things work for some people but not for others..

    Usually takes about 6 weeks for the full benefits of the meds to work.....Maybe reach out to your Dr. and let him/her know how much trouble your having in getting to sleep....They can help you..a lot of people write in their journal just before get things out of their head..I tried to night journal..but it wasn’t for me..maybe that’s something else you might want to try...

    Sleep is one very important thing that we must have to help with our mh.,,,Without much sleep our mh and emotions become a lot harder to manage...

    A good healthy diet is also important..if your appetite has gone..maybe try eating lots of fruit n vegetables...but nothing for a few hours before sleep....which includes caffeine based drinks...My Dr. told me a glass of water before bed, keeps us hydrated for the x amount of hours without any liquids...and also helps to keep us asleep....again on waking another glass of water after rising on rising before any caffeine based drinks...

    Did you have trouble sleeping before the meds?

    Here to support you the best I can Dear Spree,

    My kind thoughts with care.


  9. Sandro
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Sandro avatar
    10 posts
    18 June 2021

    Hi Stree

    Sorry to hear about your struggles in sleeping , I understand as I've had years of mental health battles / intrusive repetative thoughts that escalated into bouts of insomnia ( which can be really frustrating and test your patience ) and have tried many things to help. I just wanted to let you know these phases can pass, and I can now say that I am sleeping really well and on a consistent basis. Some of the things that helped me are the following,

    * Diet / try not to have sugary foods past 8pm ish ( speak to your GP about your diet in general )

    * Relaxing herbal teas/sleepy time teas. I persisted with them and now they do the trick an alternative is also trying organic coco powder - and making hot chocolate ( Coles have a brand you can look it up on goggle )

    * Rubbing lavender oil (very calming) on the crown of your head / lower neck and behind your ears

    * Im not sure on your thoughts on meditation , but it helped change my life. I have tried so many / experimented over the last two years , but even something as simple as counting breathes in and breathes out and focusing on that for 10 / 20 minuets ( breathing techniques - can also goggle) 1hour before bed can prepare you for sleep and help slow down your racing thoughts . Get more into your body and less in your head

    * Reading - I was never a reader but it has also helped heaps. It gave my brain some else to try and focus on and also helps interrupt the intrusions ( once again in my experience and its a process). I would read autobiographies on other people that overcame battles or anything at the start / and books on personal growth as my reading ability got better. A book that also helped change my life - Breaking the habit of being yourself by Joe Dispenza I highly recommend. I had many nights where I would go to bed at 10pm fall asleep at 10.30-11pm and by midnight I would wake up , instead of just ruminating and letting the thoughts win, I started to read at that time , I even fell back asleep sometimes from doing it - the space meditation in this book is awesome / it gave my mind much needed rest / you can even goggle his night time meditation and try it

    Hope some of this helps,

    Good luck and hope you sleep better soon

  10. Stree
    Stree avatar
    5 posts
    29 June 2021 in reply to Sandro

    Hi Sandro,

    Thanks for replying and providing all that great advice, I am already practicing some of those activities-with varied success

    I read a lot already , try and meditate and watch my diet,

    relaxing before bed or on the verge of sleep is hardest, I’ve had a good stretch of about 5 nights sleep then bang I get a sleepless night and my anxiety heightens and the intrusive thoughts jump in etc etc. then the spiral of catastrophizing, such a shit show!

    I fear the sleepless nights persisting not being able to go to work because I feel so rubbish.

    About 3rd week into mirtazapine 30 mg at night mood improves, appetite somewhat better, just started with psychologist awaiting second session and psychiatrist in a months time as I’ve battled this beast before with antenatal and post natal depression x3 and had combination medication, I know I can do this and get through just sucks soooooo much when sleeping is affected and foremost on your mind.

    I’ll check that book out you mentioned.


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  11. n2k12
    n2k12 avatar
    14 posts
    2 July 2021 in reply to Stree
    if it helps, you are not alone. i am in the same boat. insomnia , due to past trauma. do you enjoy meditation? darkness in your room? i find sometimes having a movie on in the background can be of enormous help. so you dont "feel" alone, and it gives your mind something else to focus on, whilst trying to sleep, that does not contain negative thoughts and feelings. for instance, i listen to star trek. when its finished playing, the pc turns it self off, and i am usually sound alseep. this does not always work. but i hope it helps you. i also take melotonin, which is a natural sleep hormone, prescribed by my GP. just remember, you dont have to go it alone

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