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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Depression and Anxiety in the Workplace

Topic: Depression and Anxiety in the Workplace

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  1. Casper84
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    10 September 2020

    Hi there this is my first post on here and ironically on R U Ok day? The answer is no. I have had depression for a long time but medicated for about four years now. Recently over the past two years have also been dealing with anxiety.

    I have been going through a tough patch over the last few months my depression has been spiraling and I find I’m isolating myself not wanting to socialise with my friends and have a mental struggle with myself just to get up and go to work each day. I find myself calling in sick more often then I’m going in. I have been questioning whether it would be better off for everyone if I just resign. I work in Childcare and love the children but I’m just struggling and don’t know what to do! I am finding that I’m less tolerant of their behaviour and don’t want to take out my problems on them. I took two weeks leave to have a break and try to get myself together my meds have been increased now for two months I spoke to my doctor this week about my struggles but I’m stuck.

    Any advice?

  2. white knight
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    11 September 2020 in reply to Casper84
    Hi, welcome

    Some of us enter a survival period with employment. Yes resigning is a real option but we know this presents difficulties especially during this pandemic.

    Different mental approaches can work but they are limited. Your GP is helping from a medical viewpoint and I'd certainly continue those visits even if you front feel some visits being effective.

    Self help is often not tackled by many in your situation.

    The best way for me to convey my ideas is yo recommend reading at least the first post of the following threads. Reply if you so desire in this thread here or in the threads I list.


    Beyondblue topic anxiety, how I eliminated it

    Beyondblue topic fortress of survival (workplace)

    Beyondblue topic workplace absenteeism

    Beyondblue topic depression and the timing of motivation

    The following one has several YouTube sites I'd highly recommend.

    Beyondblue topic mefitation- he helped me for 25 years- Maharaji

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  3. White Rose
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    11 September 2020 in reply to Casper84

    Dear Casper84

    Hello and welcome. Glad you found your way to talk with others who have been in similar situations. I find it does help reading other stories and seeing the various coping mechanisms.

    Finding your depression is spiraling is a worrying development. Have you told your doctor about this? Can you talk to him/her about a referral to a psychiatrist? I suggest a psychiatrist as their fees always have a Medicare rebate and they can prescribe medication. It may be you need a change of meds though this is up to your treating medical team. If you have a Mental Health Plan from your GP you can see a psychologist for ten sessions per year and get a Medicare rebate. After that you are responsible for the whole fee. Why not have a chat with your GP about this.

    When I became depressed 19 years ago I felt pretty much the way you have described above. Constant sick days and a boss who was a bit of a bully. Like you I could hardly get out of bed and was constantly tired. Being depressed is hard on your body as well as your mind. Not wanting any interactions with friends and family is fairly typical of anxiety and depression. The sad part about it that you do benefit more by being with people and having the stimulation to think about things other than your mental health.

    I used to make myself attend the social functions I once enjoyed but I often felt like running away when I was with others. Crazy eh? This is indeed our unwellness messing with our brains. Our brains are clever as we can think about and believe in two opposite points of view.

    Do you know much about depression and anxiety other your own experiences? I suggest you browse the information provided by beyond blue. Look under The Facts and Get Support above. You can download the fact sheets.

    Can you take leave for several months from work? I appreciate this may not be financially possible. If you see a mental health professional discuss this with him/her first. I know this is what my psychiatrist wanted me to do but I did not have enough accrued leave. He also wanted me to go into hospital but at that time I did not have private medical insurance. I was surprised to realise I would have gone into hospital quite readily because I believe I would have thought I was safe there.

    Also the thought of being on own every day was scary. There are the two opposite points of view. One tells us not socialising is good while the other argument finds being totally alone horrifying.


  4. leenyeats
    leenyeats avatar
    1 posts
    11 September 2020 in reply to Casper84

    Hi there,

    First time post-er in the forum as well, and hearing your story relates to me so much as well. I reached out to Beyond Blue yesterday with thoughts of resigning from my job, but after careful consideration it is definitely an irrational decision, especially during these times.

    It definitely helps to speak about it and perhaps write a list of things that make you happy (or what you love about your job). If there is a specific area of work that you want to focus on, speak to your manager to possibly get a task reassignment?

    Try daily affirmations, meditating, journaling, listening to podcasts. There are alot of great resources out there!

    Stay strong :)

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