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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Feel hollow, lonely and lost

Topic: Feel hollow, lonely and lost

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  1. Wanttobehappyagain
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    2 posts
    23 October 2021


    This is my 1st time here and I don’t know what to expect. Before heading to my GP I really wanted to see if there was something I could avail to help me cope. During the last 4 weeks lead up to freedom, I’ve been feeling very low, lost and hollow. I don’t think I have felt this way in a long time -(the last time was when I was 15yrs and I lost my younger brother in an accident). I can’t remember what coping mechanisms I availed to as I remember writing my feelings out.

    I tried doing that this time around, but couldn’t find it very helpful. I’ve got few issues at home that upsets me for which I’ve tried looking at the positives but trying to enjoy outdoors that hasn’t helped lately.

    I am not sure what my first step or course of action is really as I am aware of EAP program that my work provides and then there is a toll free number that I can call through beyond blue or reach out to my GP. I really want to feel normal and happy again than just cry all day.

    Really looking for a ray of light.

  2. Ggrand
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    23 October 2021 in reply to Wanttobehappyagain

    Hello Wanttobehappyagain...

    A very warm and caring welcome to our forums...

    I am sorry that you lost your younger brother to an accident..That is so sad...

    I wasn’t mentally well for a few years before I reached out for help with my GP.,,,I was honest with her and told her of my thoughts and how I was feeling..,My GP...was amazing and set me up with a mental health care plan....and haven’t looked back.....

    To answer your question..Reaching out to your GP, is a great first step....also ringing our lovely trained counsellors 24/7 phone number is...1300 224636....and talking through things with them can help while you’re waiting for your GP consultation...Just a heads up..if that’s okay...I found it better to book a long appointment with my GP... so that I could have the time I needed to reach out to her....

    Please talk here anytime you feel up to it..lWe are here for you..

    My kindest thoughts with my care, Wanttobehappyagain..,


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  3. Wanttobehappyagain
    Wanttobehappyagain avatar
    2 posts
    24 October 2021 in reply to Ggrand

    Thank you Ggrand for your response. It’s comforting to know that there are people like yourself who are here to support.

    I am 36yo now so it’s been 18 yrs since I’ve felt this broken mentally.

  4. therising
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    2690 posts
    24 October 2021 in reply to Wanttobehappyagain

    The warmest of welcomes to you Wanttobehappyagain. I'm so glad you came here :)

    Being a Melbourne gal, it's taken 6 lockdowns for me to realise, throughout the whole process, the various levels of 'mind altering' that such lockdowns can bring about. I don't believe the state government fully considered how incredibly mind altering this was going to be for a lot of people.

    I think while we can live through mild levels of suppression, oppression and depression, it's when the levels are high that it starts to really impact us on so many levels, so intensely. While not being able to go anywhere significant, not be able to socialise to the degree that we're used to and not be able to do a whole stack of other things that help us maintain a healthy sense of self, we may have come to suppress the natural adventurer in us, the natural channeler of high vibes through social contact and so much more. So, it can kind of be like losing your true sense of self. When that happens, it's easy to feel the challenges that come with the revelation 'I don't know who I am anymore'. Even a long term lack of the regular hits of dopamine that can come with a sense of adventuring can throw our chemistry out to the point where it can feel depressing. So, mentally, physically and even on a natural or soulful level, everything just feels so off. If you're a sensitive person, this comes with greater challenge.

    To be sensitive doesn't necessarily mean we're 'delicate'. It simply means we can sense. You can sense your challenges, your intolerance, your chemistry, your nervous system, your thoughts, the nature or energy of others, oppression, suppression and the list goes on. If you 'a sensitive' (aka 'a feeler'), you'll feel it all. I do believe lockdowns have ramped up our ability to feel and what we're feeling doesn't feel good, far from it. The challenge becomes about how to feel our way out of lockdowns.

    Would you say you're a sensitive person?

  5. Bexie
    Bexie avatar
    3 posts
    24 October 2021 in reply to Wanttobehappyagain

    Hi Wanttobehappyagain,

    I completely understand how you are feeling, I think for a lot of us we expected any feelings of anxiety we had over lockdown to ease with restrictions easing and lockdowns ending.

    Unfortunately, having such a long period of prolonged stress it will definitely take some time. But do not worry you are on the right track by getting help from a gp.

    for me trying to regain my routine has helped a lot and even trying new things to see what I enjoy.

    are you a creative person? I personally love the outdoors but at times when I don't have the motivation for that I love doing creative projects.

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