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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Feeling lost

Topic: Feeling lost

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  1. An average man
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    2 posts
    12 July 2019
    Me and my wife have been separated for the last 2 months and today I found out that she doesn't want to come back we have 2 children and 4 grandchildren and we've been together for 25 years I feel lost and I don't know what to do was wondering I would the if other people have the same experience and what they did to overcome it I feel num and lost
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  2. Peppermintbach
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    4566 posts
    13 July 2019 in reply to An average man


    I felt very saddened to read about what has happened. I could sense your heartbreak and pain. I admit that I haven’t been in a similar situation, but I still wanted to reach out to you. I hope that’s okay...

    25 years is a long time. I imagine her announcement must still feel like such a shock. I would think your feelings would still be very raw at the moment, and that you’re only just starting to process the reality of it. Again, I’m so very sorry...

    I’m thinking of you. If you feel like writing in again to chat, vent, etc, please don’t hesitate. That said, there’s no pressure of course so only if you feel up to it and want to...

    But just know that while I haven’t personally been in a similar situation, I know other forum members have been. So you’re in very caring & understanding company here.

    Kindness & care,


  3. tallshiphorizon
    tallshiphorizon avatar
    8 posts
    13 July 2019 in reply to An average man
    I’m so sorry, mate. One thing you will always have are the kids and grandkids. While we may lose loved relationships throughout the course of our lives, family is family. You will always have that, my friend.
  4. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    14389 posts
    13 July 2019 in reply to An average man

    Averageman ,

    Welcome to the forum,

    I can understand how numb you feel and confused. Also you maybe grieving the loss of your marriage. THis is painful for you.

    My partner’s ex wife left him after 35 years and he was in complete shock at the time as he felt until the morning told him she had found someone else that they had a happy marriage.

    All the feelings of confusion and despair are sadly completely normal. They will come and go but in time he said it will get easier.

    Talk as much as you need to. He said you should try to get all the support you can find, surround yourself with people who love you. My partner always wanted to climb a mountain so after many months of feeling very disconnected he went overseas . he found doing something different helped him.

    take care of yourself


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