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Topic: Hello there

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. PeteC23
    PeteC23 avatar
    8 posts
    10 March 2021


    46yr old male here with over 20 year long history with depression and anxiety.

    Name a med or a type of counselling and chances are I've given it a shot!

    Things have been tough lately and despite being married with children, I am very alone.

    I figured it'd be good to participate here as it'll give me a space for open dialogue, something that I'm very much lacking at home and work.



  2. Guest_206
    Guest_206 avatar
    90 posts
    10 March 2021 in reply to PeteC23
    Hi PeteC23, i thought I'd reply as I too have a more than 20 year history of depression and anxiety and have also tried so many different meds/counselling.

    Sorry to hear that things have been tough lately. I completely understand that you can feel very alone even when in a relationship. I'm also in a relationship but my partner doesn't really know how to empathise - i think empathy can actually be really hard to give and it's something I really need.

  3. amberlite
    amberlite avatar
    415 posts
    10 March 2021 in reply to PeteC23
    Hello and welcome, so glad to see your thread, good on you reaching out, it takes guts to own loneliness. I look forward to reading your dialogue.
  4. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    14757 posts
    10 March 2021 in reply to PeteC23

    Welcome Pete

    This is your thread so you can post and ask questions , and start a dialogue. This is a supportive and non judgmental site.

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