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Topic: Introducing Myself

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  1. OpenThought
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    27 October 2021
    Hey everyone, I’m OpenThought.

    I’m currently a high school student and have been diagnosed with anxiety and autism. I take medication to help my anxiety and regularly see my psychologist. The main reason I joined these forums was because I felt I needed a bit more accessible support without relying too heavily on friends and so on.

    Most of my issues stem from stress over school, friendships and my view on myself. I think I somewhat hate myself and I’m trying to stop that. This hasn’t been helped due to loosing one of my closest friends recently making me even more on edge and worried about how I interact with people and often it takes some reminding from friends to get me back out of these circle of thoughts. I regularly go on walks to calm my stress, same with drawing and writing. I like to sometimes read, watch TV and play games although unfortunately I don’t consume as much media.

    I hope in my time here I can offer some help and get some help from others as well. Chances are I’ll be in the forum for 12-25 year olds most as I feel a bit anxious talking among people much older then me.

    I look forward to meeting and talking to you all :)

  2. Ggrand
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    27 October 2021 in reply to OpenThought

    Hello Dear OpenThought,

    A very warm and caring welcome to our forums...

    We are so pleased that you have joined our wonderful community....Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts of offering some help some as well as getting some support for yourself...

    I hope we can turn those thoughts of somewhat hating yourself around as well as give you some gentle and caring support.....You will be very cared for here...

    We have a thread here..the title is...”Do you like yourself”...there are so many posts on that thread about thoughts from other members on liking yourself...if you search the title on the search bar top right of this page..please feel free to read or post on their...

    Looking forward to seeing you around these forums..

    My kindest and most caring thoughts lovely OpenThoughts..


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