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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Just new and here to say hi and ask a few qs ☺

Topic: Just new and here to say hi and ask a few qs ☺

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  1. Zahvia
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    4 posts
    23 May 2019

    Hey I'm Z (Atleast thats what people call me when they cant say my name 😂)

    I grew up in a very religious setting and being gay this wasnt the easiest for me, ive lost alot of family and friends and recently went through a "breakup" ( we are still very close we just have to find ourselves first) anyways ive been extremely lonely but im finally out of that really dark space but i just want to know how yall keep yourselves busy/ entertained (on a low budget tho cause i own an anxious cat who pees everywhere and costs me a bunch) I kinda just lurk in these forums cause im too scared to post but i really want to improve myself

  2. geoff
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    16190 posts
    23 May 2019 in reply to Zahvia

    Hi Zahvia, pronounced with a silent 'h' if I'm correct, but thanks for posting your comment and there are lots of people who only read what's been said not only on these forums but also other ones.

    I'm sorry for your breakup and depending on what you and friend decide to do will determine whether or not you still see each other.

    Being brought up in a religious family can make the situation difficult in various ways, as your attitude towards something maybe accepted or could be considered to be taboo is how the family feel, but if you feel differently then that's your choice.

    How do we keep ourselves busy, well this changes from age to age, and from what our interests involve and what we are capable of doing, now my capability of doing any physical work has finished, unfortunately, but I keep myself involved.

    Tell us a little about yourself, like what you do and what you like, it would be interesting.


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