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Topic: Made To Feel Like The Bad Guy

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  1. Atters
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    19 May 2019
    Travelling home on the train, two guys smelling of alcohol, decide to use the seats as foot rests. From their discussions, I knew they were Defence. I let them go for a while, and noticed other people on the train weren't impressed with them either, at first I politely asked them to take their feet off the seats, they ignored me, so I was a bit more abrupt. Their comments of me having mental health problems pissed me off, but being left alone without the backup and support of others, I was left vulnerable. Why won't others speak up?
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  2. white knight
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    19 May 2019 in reply to Atters

    Hi, welcome

    Two sides to this.

    First, community standards. Are we as individuals responsible to enforce them? If we are then do we risk our safety? Where does it end? Do we enforce all laws? If a person jaywalks are you going to yell out he shouldnt? If 30 bikies ride pass you will you tell them they should not speed?

    Years ago the law in Victoria was such that no bicycles were allowed to be ridden on footpaths. If a policeman saw a 3yo riding on the footpath would it be right of him telling the child to ride on the busy road?

    So, imo, leave the law abusers to the law enforcement officers because you cant change the world and if you continue can prove unsafe.

    Also dont rely on others to support you. They unlikely will.

    The other side is- live your life by good values. By example.



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