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Topic: New here!

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  1. FizzySalamander
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    7 April 2020


    I am a 20yo living in South Australia. I currently am looking for a new way to connect to those who may be feeling the same way as me. My usual support groups are hindered at the moment due to the current pandemic. I know the feeling of isolation, but not like this. I feel like I am coping well - but still with an ED and PTSD it is definitely more difficult some days.


  2. Soberlicious96
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    7 April 2020 in reply to FizzySalamander

    Dear FizzySalamander,

    Welcome to Beyond Blue and well done for reaching out.

    I'd like to ask; what exactly are your usual support groups? Also, what is an 'ED'?

    Perhaps if you were to provide us with a little more information, we may be able to point you in the right direction? Also, if you haven't already, you could talk to your doctor and they may have a list of online support services you could engage with. Do you think that might help?

    Anyway, I know I have asked quite a few questions there, so sorry if I have overloaded you a bit. Certainly is not my intention.

    In the meantime, Beyond Blue is here to help as much as we can, and is 'open' for you to post your thoughts and feelings any time you like.

    Take care, I'll be thinking of you. xo

  3. smallwolf
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    5746 posts
    7 April 2020 in reply to FizzySalamander

    Hi and welcome to beyond blue.

    the support groups that you had used... are they doing something in a virtual space using things like zoom? I don't know whether that would be possible but I know that some groups that used the facilities at the church I work at have moved to zoom at the current time. Perhaps you could ask the leaders in the group you attended?

    what other things have you been doing in the day time? what hobbies and fun things do you like doing?


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