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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Think I am depressed

Topic: Think I am depressed

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  1. Karot
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    3 July 2021
    I have been feeling like this for.a while now. I am ADHD used to being overwhelmed by stimulus in fact the lockdowns have been welcomed in my mind. It has forced me to slow down without feeling guilty. But this feeling is different, I feel unmotivated, do not want to go to any social events, feel tired and almost flat, like I have no feelings. For example, today my partner has gone to the local pub to watch some live bands, I sit at home staring at my phone. I got my boots and jacket on and don't have the motivation to go for a walk. I have also been obsessing a bit over routine stuff like, brushing my teeth, cleaning the bathroom and am comforted by menial tasks like washing my face and squeezing the cloth.
  2. geoff
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    4 July 2021 in reply to Karot

    Hello Karot, and a warm welcome and thanks for posting your comment and sorry your thread has been overlooked and can happen if the site s very busy, my apologies.

    Some ADHD and OCD may have some overlapping symptoms and a doctor needs to be consulted on this, especially when obsession does take over, and there could be other routines that compel you to do them that you may not have told us, that's understandable, because there are many I wouldn't tell anyone unless they knew I had OCD.

    There is no criticism here so please don't be afraid to come back and tell us what you may want to say as there are many other people struggling with this illness.


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