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Topic: Totally lost

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  1. Shelby 01
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    30 June 2019

    My partner of 37 years has just been diagnosed with depression he isshift worker so for some time I have been putting a lot of things down to being tired. he went to doctor on his own choice 2 months ago he is on medication. He has spoke to me about his confusion and sadness I am 1000% behind him all the way.

    The other day he told me that his doesn't know If he is in love with any more which nearly ripped my heart out we have a excellent relationship never ever fought always do things together. And he told me no matter what happens he will always love me. I am just hoping this is apart of his mindset at the moment I am still doing everything the same as before he told me cause he is my whole world and cannot imagine my world without him in it everyday

    iam hoping this is part of the condition until he get his medication working

    any advise on what or not to do would be very much appreciated thanks

  2. quirkywords
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    1 July 2019 in reply to Shelby 01

    Welcome Shelby to the forum. Thanks for making your your first post.

    This a kind and supportive place. I can understand that the past few months have been ver difficult for you both. It is good your partner has gone to the doctor and has spoken to you about his feelings.

    Sometimes when a person is depressed they may be very confused about their emotions and feel they are not worthy of love from others. He may feel he is not capable of loving anyone.

    Depression is a cruel illness and deceive you into thinking you have no value and that you are a burden to your loved one.

    Everyone is different so I would not give advice but keep on being supportive , patient and understand your partner may be quite confused and troubled for some time.

    Also you need to take care of yourself as it ican be exhausting living with someone with depression.

    There have been other threads on this theme so if you type in depressed husband/partner into the search engine on the top right hand side of page you will find threads that may help you.

    Feel free to post here as much as you want to.


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