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Forums / Young people / Feeling sad without a reason

Topic: Feeling sad without a reason

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  1. tsoonami
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    23 February 2021
    I feel sad all the time and I don't know why. Mum tells me that I should be happy because of everything that I have but I'm not, so she yells and screams and gets mad at me but when I tell her about my problems she doesn't really care. She schelued a meeting with 2 teachers that I hate and didn't think of taking me to a professional. I don't eat I can't sleep clearly she should have picked up on it by now. I'm only twelve and she expects me not to forget anything ever, she treats me like I'm an adult already. I don't understand how she can't understand that I'm only twelve, she but me into school when I was four and pressured me to do all this homework and school work that I shouldn't be doing. There's no way I am going to tell about my more serious problems if she is like this, she would probably get mad and tell me I should be happy because of all the things I have. Some words she's said a lot that I have them memorised are "You just want, want, want." "I'll give you something to cry about" "What about when I take away all of your nice things then you'll be misrable" "Enough with the additute" "You need to give Dad a break, he is sick of you" It makes me want to not exist hearing those words, but I'm scared if I call a helpline they're going to send me to the hospital, I don't have anyone to talk to. I try not to be sad but it's hard and everyone forces answers out of me so I lie to them because there is no way I will be telling them the truth. She said I'll be going to a counsler but does that even count as a professional. Everyone keeps asking me "Is it at home or is it at school" they won't accept the answer "I don't know" or "It doesn't have a location"... I don't know what to do anymore
  2. Sophie_M
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    23 February 2021 in reply to tsoonami
    Hi tsoonami,

    We're so sorry to hear how sad, frustrated and alone you are feeling just now. We think it is so brave of you to reach out and share with our wonderful, caring, online forums community some of what your feeling.

    Our forums are all about people giving and receiving support to one another based on their own experiences with mental health. We're sure many others reading this can relate to what you are going through. It's important to know that our users are not mental health professionals, just regular people who have had their own struggles offering peer support to one another. While the support they offer is often quick, it is not immediate.

    For more immediate support from professionals we strongly suggest you reach out to our friends at Kidshelpline. You can phone them for free 24/7 on 1800 55 1800. If you feel more comfortable typing rather than talking about what's going on, the also offer 24/7 webchat counselling here:

    You might also find some of the information on the website helpful as you grapple to understand your parents and the impact they are having on you. Headspace also has centres throughout Australia that you can visit and get support. If you'd like to check if there's a Headspace centre near you, follow this link:

    We wish you a very warm welcome to our forums community. Please check in and let us know how you are getting on whenever you feel up to it.
  3. quirkywords
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    23 February 2021 in reply to tsoonami


    Welcome to the forum.

    Sophie has given you suggestions of websites and helplines that may give you information and support.

    12 years is a difficult age with hormonal changes and the start of growing up from a child.

    Your mum like mums wants the best for you but is maybe confused. She can’t understand why you are not happy..

    Is there a school counsellor at your school or a year co ordinator who may understand you and be able to support you.

    Do you find writing things down help you to make things clearer.

    Helplines are supportive and will listen you.

    If you browse threads here you may find other people around your age who have had similar

    Remember you are not alone and there is support here.

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