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Forums / Young people / I don't understand part-time jobs.

Topic: I don't understand part-time jobs.

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  1. Ash.VM
    Ash.VM avatar
    2 posts
    26 December 2020

    Hi all,

    I recently graduated from Year 12 (I'm 19, with Autism) this year but I really don't have anything to do besides studying for learners (which I really don't care about; topic for another day), playing games and YouTube. But recently, thinking about part time jobs and job-hunting in particular has really made me mad for several reasons.

    1. Part time jobs are crazy hard to get, due to how companies wanting younger employees so that they are paid cheaper. I tried finding part time when I was 17-18 but none were successful (ie. applying for maccas in 4 locations, 3 times. All of them turned me down)
    2. Most of these part-times are either Retail or Hospitality/Labour jobs which aren't my sort of thing, very little variation in terms of industry topics
    3. I worked casual at a Labour meat produce back in December 2019 for a month and while I didn't have any issues with other co-workers (pay was good), it really burned me out due to how fast-paced and intensive it was ( I did do work experience at a retailer and it was fine.)
    4. The companies that I applied for, didn't give me any useful constructive criticism on how to improve my resume, CV and cover letters, leaving me feel useless, because I didn't understand what I did wrong or what I need to improve on.
    5. Other people that are around my age are able to have part-time jobs no problem, while I feel isolated and out of touch.
    6. Payment depending on shift hours, is questionable, as people get older, they tend to get less working hours and pay due to their age.
    7. Employers want resumes and CVs, short and concise, making it hard to relate my skills to a particular company's interest

    Thinking about jobs in general has made me infuriated with the world because of the reasons above. I used to have a slightly optimistic mind about finding part-time back in 2018-2019, but at this point, why should I sacrifice my time trying to find employment if companies don't give me direct feedback, work types that have little to no variation, mediocre payment and shift hours?

    At this point, I gave up looking for part-time because it wasn't worth the effort for such a generic job. Why would I work and learn something that I have no interest in whatsoever, even if those skills were "useful" to me? Have I gone insane? Or am I just a laughing stock to those who are able to get part-time jobs?

    Is it okay for me to have such malicious thoughts about part-time employment?

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  2. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    14757 posts
    27 December 2020 in reply to Ash.VM


    welcome to the forums. Thanks for your very interesting detailed post.

    I can see it is frustrating to apply for part time jobs and not get them or find the only part time jobs around are not in the areas or are not interested in.

    Is there a TAFE course or an online course that may interest you and help you find a part time job?

    i am glad you had a chance to explain how you feel. I think your thoughts come from your experience.

  3. Ash.VM
    Ash.VM avatar
    2 posts
    28 December 2020 in reply to quirkywords

    Hi there,

    I've currently applied to various TAFE courses revolving around Audio Engineering, but as of now, have yet to hear an official response that says I've been officially accepted into a placement (Probably not until early January). I'm not enrolled in any online courses at the moment (mainly due to fees which I'm unable to pay for myself).

    It's been really frustrating for the past 2-3 years to find part-time that actually interests me and makes me want to think about it to do it in the long term as a full time job. I know that there some agencies, but those ones have very specific eligibility requirements that don't fit me, such as not studying full-time (which I want to do during TAFE). I'm afraid that if I broaden my searches, I might easily get burned out (which I do easily) and resign easily due to the job and its skills not resonating with my interests and future goals.

    The more I think about part-time employment, the more I despise it and resent against others who are able to get part-time.

  4. jeremiahqu
    jeremiahqu avatar
    4 posts
    6 January 2022 in reply to Ash.VM
    At the age of 16, I was free to find a part-time job, because then I was not very picky about choosing a job. It was just enough for me to go to some simple job for a couple of hours and get pocket money. I was a schoolboy.
  5. jeremiahqu
    jeremiahqu avatar
    4 posts
    6 January 2022 in reply to jeremiahqu
    When I was 16, I was free to get a part-time job since I wasn't very
    picky about what I wanted to do back then. It was enough for me to just
    go to a simple job for a couple of hours and get some pocket money. I
    was a high school student. I chose to work around the house. It was okay
    to go out for a part-time job to get home quicker. That's what people
    choose some side hustle for so they have time for themselves afterward.
    Now I have a full-time job with a firm remotely. I like working remotely
    because I can find some side work on the side.

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