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Forums / Young people / I feel so horribly sad all the time because i regret moving schools.

Topic: I feel so horribly sad all the time because i regret moving schools.

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  1. NoodleChicken123
    NoodleChicken123 avatar
    5 posts
    4 February 2020

    So this year i thought it would be a cool idea to move schools! get a fresh start a change ya know? i now realise how terrible of an idea that was. i’ve been going to my new school now for about a week and i feel so depressed and sad all the time. i have two people that i actually talk to and sit with, but i feel like the rest of the people in the group don’t want me sitting there. i’m so shy and anxious and introverted i feel like i can barely speak majority of the time. I dont really have any other friends anxiety has also been skyrocketing.

    I guess the main thing i’m sad about is i miss my friends so much. they had there flaws, but at least i could honestly talk to some of them about anything, i felt truly comfortable around them, i laughed around them alot and its so hard for me to get close to people for some reason. but right when i build these great friendships, i decide to leave. and now i haven’t seen them for 7 weeks and i don’t think they really care that much. I miss knowing everybody in my grade. I miss being able to talk freely without my heart racing constantly from anxiety. I miss laughing with my friends and making jokes with them and now all i can think about is how much fun i would be having if i was in classes with them. I regret moving so much. i’m so stupid and now ive lost something ill never get back. my old life basically. Its so hard for me to walk into school everyday and be surrounded by a bunch of strangers. I really feel so alone now, i don’t want to burden my old friends with my problems, and they obviously don’t care much (which is okay).

    I really have nobody to talk to, i come home so drained and exhausted everyday and the only place i feel slightly secure is in my bedroom by myself. Its been taking a toll on my mental state, my ex-therapist about 2-3 months ago diagnosed me with anxiety and clinical depression and now this is making everything worse :( also moving back to my old school just isnt something i can do.

  2. Croix
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    Croix avatar
    11094 posts
    6 February 2020 in reply to NoodleChicken123

    Dear NoodleChicken123~

    Welcome to the Forum, it sounds as if you are having a tough time at the moment.

    You mentioned you wanted a fresh start in a new school. Can I ask what it was that prompted you to do this? It's a pretty big step, were your family keen for you to move?

    Changing schools s never easy, even if you leave the academic stuff to one side. No support from freinds, strangers all around, and feeling you you don't belong. This of course will ramp up your anxiety condition and possibly depression too.

    People do form friendships in time at new schools, I've been to 8 and it's always the same. You start of with nobody, then if you are lucky someone invites you to something and you get to be freinds with them and their friends too.

    If that's not happening my was was too seek out someone who themselves seemed a bit isolated and try to strike up a friendship there.

    It helps if you have a sport or other interest, computer games is a good one.


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  3. NoodleChicken123
    NoodleChicken123 avatar
    5 posts
    7 February 2020 in reply to Croix
    Thankyou for the reply :) and yes my family were keen on me moving. I appreciate the advice and i will surely use it.

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