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Forums / Young people / I have suddenly lost all of my motivation and most of my emotions.

Topic: I have suddenly lost all of my motivation and most of my emotions.

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  1. Edawge
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    15 November 2020

    Hello, (this is my first post)

    recently i have just suddenly lost all of my motivation. I have 3 critical assesments due very soon and i just cant bring myself to do them. i could easily finish one of them in about 2 hours but i just cant do it. im going to fail them but im not stressed at all? i have always been stressed when im doing assesments but recently i just lost my stress. I have hereditary anxiety but i have been on a 50mg a day dose of antidepressant/SSRI for the past 2 years and it has been working great until now. Without antidepressant/SSRI im extremely irratable (i used to get in a fight if a kid called me a name more than twice) and i cant control impulsive thoughts that enter my head, i also self harmed but i dont do that anymore. Im thinking i should go to a therapist or something but im not sure. Sorry if this is a bit all over the place but as you might of gathered, im not in the best of mental spaces.

  2. Sophie_M
    Community Moderator
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    15 November 2020 in reply to Edawge
    Hey Edawgegg

    Welcome to our online forums! We are so glad you’ve reached out here. It isn’t always easy to do so and we are proud of you for taking this first step. We're so sorry to hear you are feeling like you’ve lost your motivation and most of your emotions. It is great that you are keeping up with your medication and staying safe and it’s also wonderful that you have the awareness to recognise when something isn’t quite sitting right with you. You are in a safe, non-judgmental space here on the forums and our wonderful community members may pop by soon to offer you support and insight from their own experiences that are similar to yours.

    We would strongly encourage you to see a therapist to get support for the experience you are going through. They would be able to look more closely at everything that is happening and help you understand the underlying cause of loss of motivation. In the meantime, we’d urge you to reach out to Kids Helpline either by phone (1800 55 1800) or through their online chat: 

    Also, is there someone else you could speak with such as school nurse or your GP?
    We hope you’ll continue to post here and let us know how you are doing, whenever you feel up to it.
  3. Aaronsis
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    16 November 2020 in reply to Edawge

    Hi Edawge

    It sure is a stressful time when you are at school and you have assignments and assessments due, when you can see the end of the year ahead and the end of one chapter but have absolutely nothing left in the tank and no desire to fill the tank to get over the last hurdle.

    This year has been so different to any other and I cannot even imagine having to complete assessments and do exams and be in that space with having to do home schooling and not have the routine or the regular support that one is used to, I really cannot imagine. So I want to congratulate you firstly for completing what you have this year, for being able to get mostly what you have needed to done and to making it to the final few assessments, that is not to be discounted here! I am sure you have the voice inside of you or maybe even parents or friends saying "you are almost there, don't let the whole year go now", and things of that nature so I will not.

    Therapy is such a wonderful experience I have found and has really allowed me to find paths to happiness, to allow forgiveness of myself and others and to make peace. It is really surprising once we start to open up and to share the things we find out that may have really been impacting us more than we knew. I think that would be a wonderful start for you, to help with your journey that you have already started and with the help of the medication to start to put some things in place that can help you find your way back to happiness.

    I am really proud of you that you have been able to prevent yourself from harming, that is a really big step. Self harm is a very misunderstood issue and "just stop it" does not work. So well done to you.

    I am wondering if you could break down your last assessments into small chunks and to manage it this way instead of looking at all 3 of them and feeling their burden. Maybe say "today I am going to do 15mins of this" and see how far you get, it will be one step closer to the finish line.

    Welcome to the forum and I am so pleased to be able to chat with you, I hope to do that some more and see if we can help you in sharing some of the things that are bothering you or even just sharing how you are feeling, if you would like that.

    Hugs to you


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