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Forums / Young people / i’m pretty sure I have ADHD

Topic: i’m pretty sure I have ADHD

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  1. princess1
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    9 October 2020

    hey guys,

    ever since the start of high school i’ve shown symptoms of ADHD but never really looked into it. Now that i’m in my first year of uni my symptoms are much more present especially that uni is online now because of covid. I have an extremely hard time sitting in one place and focusing and also remembering information, doesn’t matter what environment i’m in I literally just can’t focus it’s like my brain can’t comprehend what the teacher is saying. I try my hardest to sit and not get distracted but I have an extremely short attention span and I absolutely hate the subject i’m studying right now and i have no interest in it. I’m very hyperactive and I get irritated very easily, I also often get very angry when i’m bored because i constantly like to be doing something 24/7. I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, BPD and PTSD and i’m also on medication for insomnia because im always too restless to fall asleep.

  2. white knight
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    9 October 2020 in reply to princess1

    Hi, welcome

    Interesting. In 2003 I read a book called "ADHD in adults" by Weiss. There was one character there that was near identical to myself and so I pusued a psychiatrist specialising in ADHD, one of two in Melbourne. He subsequently diagnosed me with the illness, then later depression.

    For 6 years I took various medications for ADHD none of which worked. I then got a second opinion from a psychiatrist and a second psychiatrist that sat in on my interview over his lunch break. Their combined diagnosis - Bipolar 2, depression and dysthymia with some lingering anxiety. I was put on the appropriate meds and presto- was and am much better and stable as bipolar can be.

    It was the mania that mirrored ADHD symptoms.

    So the message is clear- get a proper diagnosis before assuming. And a second opinion if you can.

    All the best.


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