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Forums / Young people / Sister is unsupportive

Topic: Sister is unsupportive

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  1. Blackthorn
    Blackthorn  avatar
    2 posts
    22 May 2019

    I live with my older sister I am 20 years old and suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

    Tonight I was telling my sister that there wasn't any room in my room (which isn't furnished or anything, and is just full of things that aren't my and junk) that there wasn't any room to put any thing else in there, I had to tell her this three times before I got a nasty response about how 'I didn't need to be rude' which set of my anxiety due to PTSD from a situation that happened about 7-8 months back.

    I had to leave the house and go for a drive to try and calm down cause I couldn't be in the house as I have no save place, I went for a drive and parked in my normal place when my mind goes over board, I left that place still unable to calm down, panting finding it hard to breath with chest pain.

    When I finally calmed down I went home and sat in my car in the garage for half hour, and my house mate (how lives with both me and my sister) came out and sat with me and told me the things my sister and her worker said about me.

    My sister is very unsupportive and doesn't understand how I suffer day to day, she has called me selfish and that I need to get over my self and many other things, I know my house mate is very supportive of me but I don't feel right leaning on her for support as she is only 18 years old and has her own problem.

    I just don't know what to do anymore as my sister is pushing me so hard and everything is about her and her pregnancy, that everything that happens to me is my choice, like I have control over these things.

    I just need some help, and I don't even know what type of help I need, I going to headspace this Friday but I still don't know what to do in the mean time to try an stay positive.

  2. tree15
    tree15 avatar
    1 posts
    22 May 2019 in reply to Blackthorn
    Hello! I just want you to know that although I have never met you.. I support you with the entire heart. For me, I find journalling and meditating helpful. It helps my mind be less stressed and anxious. I hope you get well soon and continue to stay positive.

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