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Topic: Uni help

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  1. Maddison1901
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    1 November 2020
    Hi so I've always never settled on what i actually i wanted to do but every career ive wanted to do involve helping people or being with kids. Anyway the year after graduating I sat a social work course but dropped out quickly as I wasn't interested and I had alot of personal things going on. I tried to go back mid term and sat social science instead and I finished the term with a 6 GPA and made deans merit that year. i went back this year but dropped out half way through the term I became very stressed because of online learning and I felt like i lost interest in my course I tried a business course mid term dropped immediately it was so boring. Since being out of uni its always been in the back of my head? Right now im very confused on what to do but I feel like returning to my social science course as I liked it before I went online learning. Help? Is it worth going back? .^ to add onto this i was thinking of just doing less units and working less days. Like I think if I go back hopefully I'll fall back in love with my degree?
  2. SarahZ
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    142 posts
    1 November 2020 in reply to Maddison1901

    Hello Maddison1901,

    Thanks for reaching out and sharing your story. As a newly graduated uni student I can definitely relate to this. Recently i learnt this new quote i really like - ' If you can't find your purpose find your passion, because your passion will lead you to success'. I think it's important to not interpret success as just monetary success but also in terms of how fulfilling it feels for you. I'm currently in my early 20's and I honestly feels theres no rush trying to settle down and find a job. I think exploring different courses, and having no definitive set timeline of when you want to finish those courses, is good. How you talked to a uni career counsellor about your options? i think they can be super useful in mapping out different pathways you can take. I know when i went to mine they introduced me to various new career pathways that I had no idea I could go down.

    I think it's really common to be confused about all of this stuff, and it makes sense that it is. My best advice is probably just take it easy, just follow where your heart takes you. And if you're not sure what you're passionate about right now then just explore all your different options. That gives you a way to know what you do like and what you don't like!

    Please reach out whenever you feel up to it!

    Wishing you the very best~

  3. randomspace
    randomspace avatar
    13 posts
    2 November 2020 in reply to Maddison1901

    Hi, if you would love to work with children and it would just feel right for you then maybe pursue it.

    Even though you dropped out of your Social Sciences course, but loved it before online learning and you can do it regularly again, it might actually be worth going for it again. As the saying goes, “you try once and fail, so you get back up and with work can succeed” or something like that.

    If your not really sure on what you want to do later in life, why don’t you look and explore your options. You never know, something else you enjoy may present it’s self.

    I suppose just go with what feels right.

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