Year 10

The theme of the Year 10 program is "Getting along in the world and planning for the future".

It aims to consolidate the knowledge and skills taught in the Year 8 and 9 programs, setting these within the framework of the six senses and their associated attributes. The Year 10 program covers the following topics:

  • understanding and using the 'six senses'
  • the role of 'self-talk' in emotional health and wellbeing
  • problem-solving and managing stress
  • time management
  • planning for the future.

Download the Year 10 teacher manual

Download the Year 10 student workbook

View Year 10 DVD clips

The Year 10 Program is also supported by a 10-episode DVD program that uses the concept of a reality TV program. The Strong Box follows the lives of six young people as they compete against each other on a number of challenges, with the winner being awarded the Strong Box Prize.

The DVD is used to clearly illustrate the six key senses that underpin the Classroom Curriculum Program – sense of self-worth, sense of control, sense of belonging, sense of purpose, sense of future, and sense of humour.

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