Zoetis donates $100,000 to Beyond Blue to support mental health in rural Australia

08 November 2022
Zoetis has reached its goal of raising $100,000 for the Beyond Blue Support Service in an effort to support good mental health and reduce suicide rates across rural Australia. Every year since 2016, Zoetis has partnered with Beyond Blue with unwavering support for the mental health of those living in rural and regional Australia by donating $5 from each sale of livestock, pig and poultry vaccines and drenches up to $100,000 for the Beyond Blue Support Service. 2022 sees Zoetis once again reach its yearly goal of raising $100,000, bringing the total donated to the support service to $700,000.

Even the most resilient people need support: Zoetis and Beyond Blue support the mental health of Australia’s local communities

18 July 2022
Considering the vastness of Australia and the number of people who live in regional and rural areas, it’s a concerning fact that remoteness is a major risk factor contributing to mental health issues and suicide, with the suicide rates being 60% higher than rates in major cities . In addition, people in outer regional, remote or very remote areas of Australia face more barriers to accessing health care than people living in major cities, making it harder for them to maintain good mental health.

No mental health without planetary health

04 April 2022
WORLD Health Day this Thursday, 7 April, is themed “Our planet, our health” and brings global attention to the urgent need to keep the planet healthy for the sake of human health.