Man Therapy’s Dr Brian Ironwood spoke at Suicide Prevention Conference

31 July 2013
Several Beyond Blue staff, as well as the face of Man Therapy, Dr Brian Ironwood, spoke at the National Suicide Prevention Conference in Melbourne from 24 to 26 July. 
Beyond Blue has recently adopted suicide prevention as an important focus of its work and was a major sponsor of Suicide Prevention Australia’s 2013 Annual National Suicide Prevention Conference.

Doctor Brian Ironwood of Beyond Blue's Man Therapy campaign ( made a surprise guest appearance by interrupting CEO of Suicide Prevention Australia Sue Murray’s, speech promoting ‘World Suicide Prevention Day: A United Campaign’.

Dr Ironwood said: “One thing we are learning via is that men actually want to know how to tackle life’s issues. The key is to get to them before the proverbial shit hits the fan; because that’s a mess nobody wants to deal with. Trust me!

“For too long we have seen the numbers of suicides in Australia hover around 2,500 and that’s about as palatable as a Tupperware party in my living room.”

Andrew Thorp, Beyond Blue’s Men’s Project Manager, gave a presentation on the Man Therapy campaign ’Hello, I’m Doctor Brian Ironwood – Welcome to Man Therapy’.

Other Beyond Blue speakers included Susan Beaton, Beyond Blue’s Suicide Prevention Advisor, who delivered a presentation on ‘Putting ‘care’ back into our healthcare systems – an “un-innovative” approach to suicide prevention’.

Susan was also on the panel discussing ‘Accessing Support When in Crisis’.

Therese Fitzpatrick, Beyond Blue’s Workplace and Workforce Program Leader, was a panel member discussing  ‘Workplace and Suicide Prevention’.

Beyond Blue has several suicide prevention initiatives currently underway which include investing in research and projects in partnership with key stakeholders. The suicide prevention projects are made possible with the support of The Movember Foundation.

The Suicide Prevention Conference was an opportunity to share and exchange knowledge, skills and experiences; and to develop a cohesive, united, and responsive suicide prevention sector.

Beyond Blue is a member of the National Coalition for Collective Impact being led by Suicide Prevention Australia.

For more information, please visit Suicide Prevention Australia’s website.

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