New practical resources to support people who have attempted suicide

21 July 2014

Beyond Blue has launched a new set of practical resources for people recovering from a suicide attempt and their families.

Beyond Blue and the Hunter Institute of Mental Health created the new resources which feature real-life experiences of people who have attempted suicide or supported loved ones in their recovery.

The three new booklets, proudly funded with donations from the Movember Foundation, include:

  • Finding your way back- for people who have attempted suicide

  • Guiding their way back- for people supporting someone after a suicide attempt

  • Finding our way back, specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (with input from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and individuals).

Unlike previous suicide prevention resources, these booklets include frank accounts and practical advice from people who’ve attempted suicide, and suggestions  for families and friends on what they can do to support someone in their recovery.

Beyond Blue Chairman Jeff Kennett AC said the first three months after a suicide attempt are critical in a person’s recovery as they are at a very high risk of a further attempt.

“It is very disturbing that between 15 and 25 per cent of people who have tried to kill themselves will attempt suicide again. We hope these booklets will provide practical guidance to those people, prevent them from floundering and assist them in their recovery,” Mr Kennett said.

It is estimated conservatively that at least 65,000 Australians make a suicide attempt each year; seven Australians die by suicide each day, of whom five are men. Of all suicides in Australia, which has an average rate of 11.2 per 100,000, 75 per cent are male.

The booklets have been tested in pilot studies in Darwin and Newcastle and resonated with people who had attempted suicide because a lot of the information is from people who have been through similar experiences.

The resources were developed after people who had tried to take their own lives reported they would respond to timely advice and strategies, guided by people who had been in a similar situation and had attempted suicide themselves.

The “Finding your way back”, “ Guiding their way back” and “Finding our way back” booklets can be ordered online or downloaded at:

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