Get to Know Anxiety campaign launched

20 April 2016

This week Beyond Blue re-launched its Get to Know Anxiety campaign, featuring the voice of Australian actor Guy Pearce, to raise awareness about anxiety, its symptoms and encourage people to seek support.

The campaign launched on the back of a national survey, which revealed one in five Australians believe people experiencing anxiety ‘put it on’ to avoid difficult or uncomfortable situations and around half of Australians don’t know basic facts about the condition.

Beyond Blue CEO Georgie Harman highlighted the need for the campaign, saying "This is the third year of the campaign and it seems like some parts of the message are getting through but we need to keep the effort up. While it is great to see improvements in public awareness, what is of great concern is the number of people who have no knowledge about anxiety. Large numbers of people said they don’t know facts about the condition, which shows there is a lot of confusion and we are working to reduce that.

“It is not just the relatively small number of harmful and incorrect attitudes we are working to change, but the larger proportion of the public who are unaware that anxiety can be effectively be managed and treated.

“Anxiety can be effectively managed through a range of treatments that can ensure a person learns how to control their anxiety, rather than let it control them.”

To read the media release about the campaign, click here.

View the campaign

You can view the campaign video, webpages and media articles via the links below:

Special thanks goes to our courageous blueVoices members whose personal story videos continue to be a key part of this campaign. You can view their videos here:

  • Megan - talking about a racing heart
  • Oliver - talking about snowballing worries
  • Damien - talking about chest tightening
  • Candice - talking about hot and cold flushes

How you can help

You can support the campaign by sharing it with your friends, family and online communities. The more people we reach, the more of an impact we will have. 

Feel free to promote the content from the campaign as you wish, using the links in this email.

If you use social media, some suggestions of how you can support the campaign are:  You can also join our discussion about the campaign and the results of the survey in the blueVoices Connect forum.

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