Let us remember our obligation to support the mental health of our defence personnel, says Beyond Blue Chairman Jeff Kennett

24 April 2017

Each Anzac Day Australians remember the sacrifices made more than a century ago during World War I.

It is also an opportunity to offer support to past and current defence personnel who might be struggling with the psychological impact of war.

Beyond Blue Chairman The Hon. Jeff Kennett AC called on Australians to fight against the stigma of mental health conditions and to “declare war on veteran suicide” during his commemorative address at Remembrance Day last November.

“We know that many who return don’t leave those battlefields behind,” Mr Kennett said during the address. “They bring the battles home with them, but they carry them inside.

“Too often these internal battles against depression, anxiety, Post‐Traumatic Stress Disorder and suicide are fought and lost alone.”

Mr Kennett also urged Australia’s national leaders to make the welfare of returned service personnel a top priority.

“To those who return from conflicts with broken bodies and minds we must commit ourselves as a nation to work with them to ensure their return to Australia is a happy, worthwhile and lasting experience,” he said.

Watch Mr Kennett’s Remembrance Day address as a reminder of Australia’s obligation to support those who have served:



Video courtesy of Australian War Memorial.

Transcript: Beyond Blue Chairman Jeff Kennett's Remembrance Day Address 2016


For support, 1800 011 046 – Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) or visit 

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