ABC Lateline interview with Julia Gillard

5 July 2017

In an interview with the ABC Lateline program hosted by David Lipson, beyondblue Chair Julia Gillard cautioned against making judgements about other people’s mental health.

The following is extracted from the Lateline interview: 

DAVID LIPSON: More than a few people have pointed to the US President, Donald Trump's mental state and claimed fairly bluntly - some commentators - that he is suffering some sort of mental illness. What do you make of that sort of commentary, especially when it is somewhat flippant in regards to someone that someone may not like? 

JULIA GILLARD: Look, I would worry that a charge of being mentally ill ended up being thrown around as an insult. That would worry me.

I know that some people in the US, some commentators, are not proffering that analysis by way of insult: they are actually saying it because they are genuinely concerned.

From the outside, I think it is very difficult to judge someone else's mental health. Certainly you and I sitting here: you know, neither of us have met Donald Trump, as far as I know. I certainly haven't. I don't believe you have. 

DAVID LIPSON: No, I haven't. (Laughs)

JULIA GILLARD: So we really can't offer some analysis of a man we've never met. And in any event, and we're not mental health professionals.

So I think there is some need for caution here. But I do think, if President Trump continues with some of the tweeting, et cetera, that we have seen, that this will be in the dialogue. 

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