Beyond Blue statement about the Melbourne CBD attack

22 December 2017

Beyond Blue offers support to everyone affected by the shocking events that unfolded in Melbourne’s CBD yesterday afternoon.

The suspect was reportedly being treated for a mental health condition and reportedly also has drug abuse issues.

It is alleged the Flinders St attack was a deliberate, criminal act. People who experience mental health conditions are no more violent than other people. Criminality should not be confused with mental health issues.

Research consistently shows that people with mental health conditions are more likely to be victims of crime rather than perpetrators.

The facts regarding the incident in Melbourne’s CBD are now in the hands of the police and our legal system.

This incident will have affected many: the victims, their families and friends, witnesses, police and emergency services and our community at large.

Mental health professionals are available 24/7 at the Beyond Blue Support Service – 1300 22 4636 or via for online chat (3pm-12am ADST) or email responses (within 24 hours).