Report - the needs of Australians living with personality disorder

16 November 2018

The National Mental Health Commission (NMHC) and SANE Australia have released a report on research into the needs of Australians living with personality disorder.

This work is important to help put a spotlight on personality disorders and prompt further discussion.

The report by SANE Australia was commissioned by the NMHC. It includes a literature review, an environmental scan and a qualitative study and it discusses:

  • what is known about the prevalence of personality disorders in Australia, including the percentage of people presenting to emergency departments living with personality disorder
  • a review of evidence-based treatments for personality disorder
  • the barriers faced by Australians living with personality disorder in accessing a sufficient level of support
  • how people living with personality disorders are impacted by stigma and discrimination.

To support the report, NMHC developed a summary which outlines the key messages and themes of the research. The summary explores the experiences of people living with personality disorder and their carers and other support persons as well as what the research means for mental health professionals and Primary Health Networks (PHNs).

Both the full report and the summary are now available on our website:

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