Beyond Blue submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry

8 April 2019

Beyond Blue welcomed the opportunity to make this submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the economic effects of mental ill-health in Australia.

Around 45 per cent of Australian adults will experience a mental health condition during their lifetimes.Four million people experience a mental health condition each year and nearly 6 million people are ‘at risk’ of developing a mental health condition.

Click here to read Beyond Blue's full submission to the inquiry.

In summary, Beyond Blue joins many others in calling for:

  • Future investments in the type and range of services and supports that people and families are saying they need.
  • A long-term, bipartisan national strategy and financing plan that survives the slings and arrows of election cycles and replaces short-term funding cycles.
  • Recommendations that are systemic rather than programmatic.
  • Significant structural reforms, including to financing and administrative arrangements.
  • A whole of life approach that addresses social determinants rather than just a biomedical, health-centred one.
  • A greater focus on prevention and early intervention in community-based settings, without leaving behind those who need acute and crisis support.
  • A commitment to a mix, type, distribution and scale of services and support – from self-managed care, to peer-led work, multidisciplinary teams and biomedical interventions – resulting in a more ‘balanced portfolio’.
  • The development of, and respect for, new workforces.
  • A focus on improving equity to supports and services.
  • A commitment to meaningful evaluation (focused on outcomes not activity), and adequate funding to do so.

Beyond Blue submission to PC Mental Health Inquiry - April 2019

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