When you're in crisis

You may feel worthless and unable to control negative thoughts. It may feel like daily tasks are impossible. When you’re in crisis, you may need professional support right away. 

Crisis support options - for urgent help

If you're seriously injured or at risk of harming yourself right now, call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance. For free, confidential 24/7 counselling call or chat online to Lifeline or Suicide Call Back Service. No problem is too big or small.

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What you can do when you’re in crisis

Get support from our free, anonymous counselling service. Reach out to friends, family or someone you trust to share what’s happening. Connect with our online community and take some time to learn more about mental health.

Talk to a counsellor

Call our free, confidential phone counselling service. It’s available 24/7 so you can get support when you need it. Most calls last around 20 minutes. 

Call a counsellor on 1300 22 4636

Chat to a counsellor online

You can use our free, anonymous webchat service 24/7. Counsellors are online to help when you need them the most. 

Chat to a counsellor online

Find support outside Beyond Blue

Reaching out to someone can make a difference to your mental health. You can access free helplines and support groups around Australia. 

Find free helplines and support groups

How you can start healing and working towards healthy

You should get support from someone you trust as soon as possible. You’ll need help to begin healing and working towards healthy.

Contact Lifeline

It's free, confidential and they're ready to help you at any time of day or night.

Call 13 11 14, text 0477 131 114, or visit their website for live chat.

No problem is too big or small.

Contact Lifeline

Learn more about suicidal thoughts

Get information to help you understand and cope with suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Suicidal thoughts can pass, and crisis support is available.

Learn about suicidal thoughts

Create a suicide safety plan

Use the Beyond Now app to create a step-by-step suicide safety plan. The plan can help you stay safe if you're feeling distressed or thinking about suicide.


Create a safety plan

Connect with a community of people who know what you’re going through

You’re not alone. There’s a large online community you can rely on for support. People who know what you’re going through share their stories and tips online. Explore these options to find one that’s right for you.

Connect with our online peer support community

Visit our Forums to read posts from people who understand what you're going through. You can join anonymously to connect with others and start your own discussions.

Visit our Forums

Read stories to inspire you

Discover how others in the community manage their mental health journey. Get inspired by the tools and tips they share to support your own mental health.

Browse personal stories

Find podcasts to support your wellbeing

Not alone is our podcast series. You’ll find unique stories from people who share their mental health journey to help you with yours.

Explore Not Alone podcasts

Learn more about mental health

When you’re ready, take some time to learn more about your mental health. If you can identify your risks and how you’re feeling, you may be able to seek help earlier when you’re struggling. 

Reflect on the stages of mental health

The mental health continuum outlines the 6 stages of mental health. Learn about the common signs for each stage to help you know where you’re at and get the support you need.

Read more about the continuum

Read about the factors affecting mental health

There are common factors that affect your mental health. If you understand them, you may be more aware of when you’re at risk. This can help you prepare and reach out early for support.

Learn about factors affecting mental health

Discover online self-guided help options

These free, online resources can help you manage stress, anxiety and depression.


A free service for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. You need to register to complete an assessment and get feedback. You can then talk to therapist about your results and treatment course.

Visit Mindspot


An interactive program to help you prevent and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. It offers 5 online modules full of information, exercises, workbooks and quizzes. You need to register to use this self-help program.

Visit MoodGym

Creating a suicide safety plan

Stephanie shares her story of anxiety and depression. She talks about how the Beyond Now app helped her create a suicide safety plan. The app helped her identify triggers and positive things in her life.