When you're unsettled

You may not feel like you’ve been yourself lately. You may notice you’re having trouble concentrating or feeling irritable. When you’re unsettled, you may not be sure why you’re feeling this way.

What you can do when you’re unsettled

Take some time to learn more about mental health. Reach out to friends, family or someone you trust to share what’s happening. Make time for self-care. Seek support from the community or a counsellor.

What you can do if you notice changes in your mental health

Your mental health often changes over time. You may start to notice changes in your feelings, thoughts or routines. This can be a sign something’s not quite right.

These resources may help you understand and plan for changes to your mental health. 

Reflect on the stages of mental health

The mental health continuum outlines the 6 stages of mental health. Learn about the common signs for each stage to help you know where you’re at and get the support you need.

Read more about the continuum

Learn about the factors affecting mental health

There are common factors that affect your mental health. If you understand them, you may be more aware of when you’re at risk. This can help you prepare and reach out early for support.

Learn about factors affecting mental health

Create a plan using our Wellbeing Action Tool

The key to building wellbeing is finding out what works for you. 

Are you looking to reset? Or do you want to improve your wellbeing journey? This Wellbeing Action Tool is for you.

Learn more about the Wellbeing Action Tool

Read stories to inspire you

Discover how others in the community manage their mental health journey. Get inspired by the tools and tips they share to support your own mental health.

Explore personal stories

Connect with our online peer support community

Visit our Forums to read posts from people who understand what you're going through. You can join anonymously to connect with others and start your own discussions.  

Visit our Forums

Find a mental health professional

Figuring out who you need to support your mental health can be hard. It’s useful to know what different mental health professionals do and how find one near you. This can help you prepare for when you need them.

Find a mental health professional

Seeking help

You may find it hard to ask for help. In this video, community members share their stories about seeking help. It may help you start the conversation about mental health.