What works to promote emotional wellbeing in older people – useful links

The links below from Beyond Blue's What works to promote emotional wellbeing in older people booklet provide a range of interventions that can be used to promote emotional wellbeing or to help people with anxiety or depression. These interventions are grouped by type, for example, physical activity. 

Please note, the What works to promote emotional wellbeing in older people booklet was produced in November 2014 and some links are no longer valid. These links have now been deleted and correct at time of publication (January 2016).

Physical activity


Gardening and nature-assisted therapy

Laughter therapy and laughter yoga

Tai chi and qigong

More information about these two interventions and their benefits: 





Links to a range of meditation podcasts:


Relaxation training

Sensory stimulation


Bright light therapy


Music and arts

Art therapy and craft

Dance and movement

Music and singing

Social activities

Animals and pet therapy

Buddying and befriending

Intergenerational programs

Men’s Sheds



Life review

  • A resource for professional and nonprofessional staff: Haight, B. K., & Haight, B. S. (2007).The handbook of structured life review. Health Professions Press.

Prayer and spiritual counselling

Resources and information about pastoral and spiritual care for older people:

Simple reminiscence

Education and skills training

Bibliotherapy and self-help

Interventions that rely on technology

Computer-aided therapy and computer games

Online resources and treatment for older people with depression or anxiety: 

Phone and telemonitoring

Robot companion

Robot companions and their use in aged care:

Quality of life approaches

Behavioural activation and pleasant events

Dementia care mapping

Person-centred care

Restorative approaches

Interventions delivered by mental health professionals

Acceptance and commitment therapy

Cognitive behaviour therapy 

Life review therapy

Mindfulness-based approaches

Information on mindfulness-based approaches:

Narrative therapy

Problem-solving therapy

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