Reducing stigma and discrimination

People who experience depression and anxiety report significant discrimination associated with their mental health condition. This may occur in employment, health services, education, insurance and within personal relationships.

Key issues

  • The discrimination that people with anxiety and depression feel may be obvious and deliberate or it may be more subtle and unintended. It is unfair regardless.
  • There is strong evidence that ethnicity, racesex, gender identity or sexuality-based discrimination can contribute to ill health, especially mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.
  • Multiple forms of discrimination can increase the negative impacts of mental health; for example, some ethnic groups may already have difficulties in accessing the health care system because of language barriers, which are then heightened by the stigma and discrimination associated with having a mental health condition.

Beyond Blue's policy and advocacy focus is:

  • ‘calling out’ the stigma and discrimination experienced by people affected by depression and anxiety so that it is no longer ignored, expected or accepted.
  • challenging the discriminatory behaviour that adds to psychological distress by advocating for non-discriminating communities, systems, policies and institutions.

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