Workplace online

beyondblue has developed a series of free online resources to raise awareness of depression and anxiety in the workplace, and provide practical strategies to support individuals and promote mental health in the workplace.

Each resource:

  • increases understanding of mental health issues in the workplace
  • presents evidence-based information in an engaging, interactive and succinct way 
  • includes activities that allow users to observe, reflect and learn about mental health issues in the workplace
  • takes up to 20 minutes to complete
  • can be used on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Organisational leadership

This resource provides senior organisational leaders with information, tools and practical actions to create a mentally healthy workplace and look after their own mental health.

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Business in Mind

This resource provides small to medium business owners with information and advice to manage mental health issues in the workplace (e.g. stress, approaching someone who may have depression or anxiety, and work-life balance).

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What would you do?

Approaching someone you’re concerned about in the workplace.

This resource is a 'choose your own adventure' version of the 'Having a conversation' online resource, allowing you to explore different strategies on how to approach a staff member who may be experiencing depression or anxiety.

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Perspectives: Returning to work

This resource tells the story of an employee who has depression and is returning after a period off work, looking at this situation from the perspectives of five people with different roles in the workplace.

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Having a conversation

This resource contains mini dramas that demonstrate how to talk to someone at work you are concerned about. The scenarios feature staff from both blue and white collar workplaces.

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What it's like – personal stories

This resource shows the stories of four men in blue and white collar jobs who have experienced tough times. Within each video, the men discuss their experiences and the strategies they have put in place to stay well.

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Workplace mental health awareness

This resource examines myths and misconceptions about depression and anxiety by providing information, tools and videos of people who have experienced depression and anxiety.

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