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SenseAbility Evaluation Summary Report

beyondblue’s SenseAbility program is an evidence-based program designed to build resilience in high school students. 

In March 2017, ARTD Consultants were engaged to evaluate the program—to assess its uptake, implementation and impact, and to identify potential improvements to the program.

The evaluation draws on existing administrative data, an online survey of educators using SenseAbility, and follow-up interviews with a sample of educators to further explore their use of the program.

The evaluation was implemented largely as intended. There is sufficient data to assess educator perceptions of the content, its benefits for students and potential improvements that would strengthen uptake and ongoing delivery of the program.

Due to some difficulty obtaining contact details of users, and the exclusion of Catholic schools (due to insufficient time to seek approval for research from all dioceses), it is not possible to say how representative the survey responses are of all SenseAbility users.

Key findings are presented in the SenseAbility Evaluation Summary Report, which is available for download below.

beyondblue is currently considering the implications of the findings to further strengthen the program.

If you have further queries about SenseAbility, please contact us

Download the full report.

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