Our funding

Beyond Blue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation supported by the Federal Government and every State and Territory Government in Australia. 

Beyond Blue also receives financial support, donations and in-kind support from numerous individuals, corporate and non-government organisations. The partnership with our friends at the Movember Foundation has also supported the delivery of male-focused health initiatives aimed at changing the face of men's mental health in Australia.

Beyond Blue does not receive funding from pharmaceutical, tobacco or alcohol companies to ensure our work, research and advice is seen as independent.

With the support of governments, businesses, communities and individuals, we will continue doing everything we can to improve the lives of people affected by anxiety, depression, and suicide in Australia.

Our supporters

Government funding

Beyond Blue is supported by the Federal Government and every State and Territory Government in Australia, through core funding and tied funding, to deliver certain projects or programs.

All governments support Beyond Blue's activities to bring about positive change concerning depression, anxiety and suicide prevention through activities such as promotion, community awareness and destigmatisation, information and community support, and research.

Beyond Blue thanks the Federal Government and State and Territory Governments for their ongoing support and their commitment to tackling depression and anxiety, and preventing suicide in Australia.

For further financial information, please refer to Beyond Blue's Annual Reports containing detailed annual financial reports.