Beyond Blue joins health organisations in support of the Voice to Parliament

25 September 2023

Beyond Blue has joined more than 100 prominent health organisations to sign an open letter in support of the Voice to Parliament.

As the national depression and anxiety initiative, Beyond Blue signed up to the letter to demonstrate the practical benefits a Voice to Parliament could bring for First Nations Peoples.

“A Voice to Parliament means that First Nations Peoples would have a say in the laws and policies that shape their lives and, as the letter states, this ultimately means better health outcomes,” Beyond Blue CEO Georgie Harman said.

“The gap between health outcomes for First Nations Peoples and non-Indigenous people is wide and, on many counts, getting wider.

“Today in Australia, the life expectancy of First Nations Peoples remains 8.2 years below that of non-Indigenous Australians. Something has to change.

“A Voice to Parliament means the knowledge, experiences and perspectives of First Nations Peoples will be heard as leaders work together address this.

“A Voice is also a step towards self-determination for First Nations Peoples. We all do better and we all feel better when we have a say in how we live our lives. That’s why Beyond Blue wholeheartedly supports a Voice to Parliament.

“The upcoming referendum is a chance for us to come together and write ‘yes’ to a better future for First Nations Peoples.”

You can download a copy of the Open Letter below.

Beyond Blue provides free, 24/7 advice, support and guidance about mental health and wellbeing to people all over Australia.

For support, webchat is available at or call Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636. Support for First Nations peoples is available by calling 13 YARN.

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