Beyond Blue supports recommendation to measure student wellbeing

27 January 2023

Beyond Blue welcomes the Productivity Commission’s final report from the review of the National Schools Reform Agreement (NSRA).

The report recommended the next NSRA include student wellbeing as an outcome, while also supporting the Commission’s call for a new national indicator to measure wellbeing.

Beyond Blue, Headspace and Early Childhood Australia deliver Be You, the national mental health in education initiative.

“Beyond Blue, along with many of our colleagues in the sector, have been advocating for student wellbeing measures to be adapted in the next agreement,” Patrice O’Brien, Chief Community Officer, Beyond Blue said.

“We’re pleased that the Productivity Commission has made this recommendation because children learn better when they feel better and we know we need to be developing good mental health from an early age.”

“Embedding children and young people’s wellbeing in key accountability mechanisms across the education system will help ensure that student wellbeing is a sustained priority over the long term.”

The report also cites Be You’s free online modules as a way educators can develop skills to support children and young people’s mental health, which aids more effective early intervention.

“We know half of all mental health issues emerge before the age of 14, so it’s important we’re actively supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people from an early age,” Patrice O’Brien said.

Be You is the only free freely available mental health framework for educators nationally that spans the early years through to secondary school. It promotes a long-term approach to mental health and wellbeing that includes the whole learning community, from students and their families to educators and leaders, and aligns with global best practice.

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