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For information and advice about depression, anxiety and staying well, please visit or contact our Support Service

About the beyondblue Bash

What is the beyondblue Bash?

The beyondblue Bash is a great opportunity for workplaces, schools, sporting clubs, community groups and individuals from right across Australia to support the work of beyondblue. The concept is simple – bring people together, host a fun activity and raise funds in the process. In addition to raising funds, these events can help to reduce stigma and discrimination by encouraging open conversations about mental health.

Where do the funds go?

When you host a beyondblue Bash, the donations you receive will help beyondblue to protect everyone’s mental health and improve the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by depression, anxiety and suicide.

Demand for and awareness of beyondblue’s work is growing. Every year, we have more visitors to our websites, more contacts to our Support Service, more orders for our resources, more requests to go out into communities, share stories at events and provide support. 

The number of people contacting our Support Service has been going up at the rate of around 40% a year. In 2014/15, we responded to 150,000 people in need of practical advice and an expert, listening ear. Having mental health professionals instantly available to provide advice and support to people in need can and does save lives.

By hosting a beyondblue Bash, you will be helping more people to get the right support at the right time. Your support also means we can deliver more innovative services and programs, develop and distribute more new information, roll out new campaigns and fund more world-leading research. See some examples of how donations small and large can help the work of beyondblue.  

What is the fundraising target?

In 2016, we would love to encourage and support thousands of Fundraising Legends to host around 6000 beyondblue Bash events all over Australia, with a combined fundraising goal of $2 million.

Can I provide support without hosting an event?

Absolutely! There are many ways to show your support for beyondblue. You could:

How do I host a beyondblue Bash?

How do I register?

To register, simply click on the Register button and select whether you'll be holding your beyondblue Bash in your workplace, at school, in your community or with your sporting club. 

How do I organise a beyondblue Bash?

See our step-by-step guides for:

What resources are available?

To support your beyondblue Bash, we've developed the following resources.

Donation boxes are also available on request. beyondblue also has free brochures, wallet cards and wristbands to help raise awareness of depression and anxiety and encourage people to seek support. If you would like to have some of these materials available at your beyondblue Bash, please register as an event organiser to download or order here.

Can I get more resources?

You can download and print as many posters, invitations and certificates as you need. Donation boxes are also available on request. If you need any assistance with resources, please email or call 03 9810 6100. 

How can beyondblue support my event?

In addition to the beyondblue Bash Host Kit and resources, you will have a dedicated Fundraising Coordinator who will touch base with you after you have registered your event. You will be able to ask them any questions about running your event and they can provide advice to assist you with your fundraising.  

Does beyondblue provide public liability insurance?

If the event you are hosting is a public event, generally you will require public liability insurance. Unfortunately, beyondblue cannot provide you with this insurance for your event. This is something you will need to arrange with your local insurance house, as rules and providers vary from state to state.

Do I need to be a certain age to host a beyondblue Bash? 

Some State laws advise that only people over the age of 16 may host fundraising events, and parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 16 to register a beyondblue Bash online fundraising page. If you have any queries you’re welcome to contact us at If you are hosting an event at your school, please chat to your teacher about your options. 

How do I raise and bank donations?

How do I collect donations?

We recommend that you encourage people to visit your beyondblue Bash online fundraising page to make their donation, so you can keep a running tally of how much you have raised. You can also collect cash donations at your event and donate them directly to your online fundraising page. 

Should I ask for donations before, during or after my beyondblue Bash?

It’s totally up to you how you approach your fundraising. Asking people for donations before your event and directing them to your beyondblue Bash page gives them more payment options and time to decide how much they would like to donate. You can also take cash donations during your beyondblue Bash, or encourage online donations via mobile, tablet or laptop. After your event, you might even like to let people know how it went, thank those who supported you, and encourage any final donations.   

Is online fundraising secure?

Yes, absolutely. When making donations via the everydayhero secure server, your credit card and personal details are encrypted using the latest industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128 Bit encryption technology before being sent over the internet. Your credit card number is removed from the everydayhero online server and is only stored on a separate secure server by the payment gateway provider.

How do I donate the funds I have raised to beyondblue?

All funds raised from your event can be deposited directly through your beyondblue Bash online fundraising page – just click ‘Give Now’ and follow the prompts. Tax deductible receipts are sent automatically, so encourage everyone to donate directly to your online fundraising page.

For cash donations received at your event you can:

  1. Make a payment of the amount raised directly to your beyondblue Bash online fundraising page using a credit or debit card.
  2. Download your unique pledge form from your beyondblue Bash fundraising page (located under your profile picture) and follow the instructions to make a payment via BPAY, or take your form along with the funds to your nearest Australia Post.
  3. Make a bank transfer using the following details:
  • Bank: National Australia Bank 
    Account Name: Beyond Blue Limited 
    BSB: 083-026 
    Account Number: 58-622-9784
    Description: bbbash – and insert name of Workplace / School / Community group / Individual / Sporting club 
    Remittance: Email your receipt details to or fax to (03) 9810 6110

To send a cheque, download and complete a remittance advice slip and include with your cheque or money order payable to Beyond Blue Limited and post to:

  • beyondblue
    PO Box 6100
    Hawthorn West VIC 3122

What details do I have to provide for remittance?

If you choose to make a donation by transferring into our bank account, please email the following details to

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Donation amount
  • Date transferred to beyondblue

When is the deadline for submitting funds?

Once you have held your event please transfer the funds raised to beyondblue within 28 days, or contact with an expected transfer date.

Does beyondblue provide tax receipts for donations?

By directing your supporters to your beyondblue Bash page they will automatically receive a tax deductable receipt via email. For cash donations, people can receive a tax receipt by filling in their details on the Donor Receipt Form.

I've lost my tax receipt – how do I get a copy?

If you donated directly to a beyondblue Bash online fundraising page please contact for a copy of your tax receipt.

If you made a cash donation at a beyondblue Bash event and received a receipt directly from beyondblue, please contact us on (03) 9810 6100 and we will provide you with a copy of your receipt.

Can someone donate from outside Australia?

Yes! Credit cards from all over the world are accepted, so you can encourage your friends and family far and wide to donate via your online beyondblue Bash fundraising page.  

Is there a minimum donation amount?

There is no minimum amount your supporters can donate. Don’t forget that any donation over $2 is tax deductible. 

How do I know if my donation is successful?

You will receive an automatic confirmation email directly from everydayhero shortly after you complete the donation process online – along with a tax receipt if your donation was over $2. If you have not received your confirmation email please contact everydayhero on 1300 798 768.

If you have donated via direct bank transfer to beyondblue, you will need to send through your remittance to to receive a receipt and confirmation of your donation.

What types of payment are accepted?

Your beyondblue Bash online fundraising page accepts donations via credit card, BPAY and PayPal. Donations can also be made via bank transfer, cheque or money order. Refer to the above ‘How do I donate the funds I have raised to beyondblue?’

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes. When you are making a donation to a beyondblue Bash page you can fill in the payment details and leave the ‘Donor Name’ section blank. This will automatically appear as ‘Anonymous’ to their page. 

How does my online fundraising page work?

What is my beyondblue Bash page?

Your beyondblue Bash online page sits on the everydayhero fundraising platform and is a great tool to communicate with your supporters and collect donations.

On your beyondblue Bash page you can upload a profile image, provide all the details about your event, outline the reasons why you’re supporting beyondblue, post photos, videos and updates, and encourage donations.

You can ask anyone to support your beyondblue Bash – even if they can’t attend your event – by sharing your link in an email or to your social media pages. This way, people can easily support your efforts and leave messages of encouragement.

What is the web address of my beyondblue Bash fundraising page?

Your beyondblue Bash link will be

To find your personalised link, search for your event name at

How do I upload a photo or video to my beyondblue Bash fundraising page?

Log in to your page and scroll down to the ‘Post Update’ box underneath your ‘My Story’ section. Add a personalised message to the box and use the camera icon to upload an image, or copy and paste your YouTube video URL.

Can I add cash or cheque donations to my beyondblue Bash fundraising page?

You can add a cash or cheque as an offline donation in just a few easy steps:

  1. Log in to your beyondblue Bash page
  2. Underneath the profile picture, click 'Add Offline Donation'
  3. Enter the amount, the name and the details associated with the offline donation.

How do I thank people who have donated to my page?

You can thank each person that has donated to your beyondblue Bash online fundraising page by commenting on their donation, which will appear on your page, or by sending them a personalised message. You can also download and personalise your own thank you certificates.

I need technical support!

I'm having problems with my online fundraising page – what should I do?

For general troubleshooting issues with your page, it’s best to contact everydayhero directly on 1300 798 768 or send them an email at and they will be able to guide you to the best solution.

For any questions related to the beyondblue website, please email

I have forgotten my beyondblue Bash page login details – how do I retrieve them?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the log in page to be sent a new one. If needed, everydayhero can provide you with new login details. Simply give them a call on 1300 798 768 or send them an email at

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