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Do you have experience working in emergency services?

12 October 2014
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null Beyond Blue is planning to engage with a range of emergency services providers and emergency service workers to better understand the supports that are in place (and perhaps are not in place) to support the mental health and wellbeing of this workforce.

As Beyond Blue is in the very initial stages of work in this area, we would like to first find out if any of our blueVoices members have experience working in the emergency services sector. We will then contact you and may invite you to provide your input as the project progresses.

Are you an emergency services worker?

In the early stages of this project we would like to hear from any blueVoices members who currently are, or who have previously worked in
  • Ambulance services
  • Police force
  • Fire and rescue services
  • or State emergency services 
Beyond Blue may expand the scope of this project at a later stage in order to engage with other emergency services that may face many similar challenges, but at this point we are only interested in hearing from blueVoices members with experience in the four service areas mentioned above.


Activity Results

Thank you for your interest in sharing your experience working in emergency services.  This activity is now closed.

We will contact those who participated in this survey to invite input as the project progresses.

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