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Join our working group for new perinatal stigma reduction program

11 December 2016
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Around 1 in 7 women experience postnatal depression in the first year after birth, yet self-stigma barriers such as ‘fear of judgement about one’s ability to cope as a parent’ may prevent women from seeking support at this time. 

Beyond Blue is seeking up to four blueVoices members with experience of perinatal depression and/or anxiety to join a working group guiding a new stigma reduction program for mother's groups. 

The working group will guide the development of a small feasibility (pilot) project to be conducted across three Maternal and Child Health (MCH) sites in Victoria.

The program will involve an intervention session for mother's groups, which will include:

  • One face-to-face session where a trained Beyond Blue speaker shares their story and experiences of postnatal depression/anxiety with the mothers’ group participants
  • An education component for new mothers and health professionals using Beyond Blue’s written support resources and online training tools.

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