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Join our Online Strategy Committee

22 February 2018
Who can take part
blueVoices members in Victoria
Time required
30 minutes to apply, approx. commitment of 10 days over 5 months if selected

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue is developing a 5-year online strategy to make sure we provide digital support when and where it is needed.

The first part of this project is to map out  the current experience  using Beyond Blue's online services.

We're seeking two blueVoices members to join the Online Strategy Committee to assist in mapping out the online journey and share your experience with online interactions with Beyond Blue.

Committee Role and Function

The role of the Online Strategy Committee is to inform and steer the future direction of Beyond Blue’s online products. The blueVoices roles will be to:

  • Represent views and experiences of the community, industry and other stakeholders
  • Participate in the creation of a current digital experience blueprint
  • Assist in articulating the Beyond Blue digital vision
  • Participate in product ideation workshops
  • Consider practical and strategic implications arising from the workshop outcomes, and if appropriate, suggest recommendations to respond to these implications
  • Review and prioritise recommendations

If selected, you will attend workshops and participate alongside other group members in a combination of full day and half day workshops. This will include:

  • Attending in-person workshops and activities (approximately 10) aimed at understanding Beyond Blue’s digital environment and mapping out the possible future direction.
  • The first face to face workshop in Melbourne in late February 2018 and the last face to face workshop in late May 2018.
  • The final number of workshops and sessions is to be confirmed.


Beyond Blue’s brand is one of the strongest brands in the country. As a result of this positive brand awareness, the Beyond Blue website is often a first port of call when a community member seeks reliable information on anixety, depression or other related mental health conditions.   

Up until this point, Beyond Blue's websites and apps have been developed on a need-by-need basis. Each individual project has been developed separately, with its own audience, goals and objectives, with little thought as to where the online resource fits in the bigger digital ecosystem or as to how each site or app relates to one another.

As this digital ecosystem grows and Beyond Blue develops more content and online resources, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage a consistent user experience on each digital product, and a consistent customer experience across all digital products.

A recent report on Beyond Blue’s Brand Strength, showed that overall users have a fragmented brand experience. Our digital resources were highlighted as part of this fragmentation, and having separate, siloed websites makes it difficult for users to intuitively find the information they require. This problem is likely to exacerbate as the information available through the separate sites increases.

This project aims at addressing these concerns by developing a strategy and digital product road map that will provide Beyond Blue with a plan to move towards a flexible and scalable digital environment. The project will develop a blueprint that will allow us to understand the current customer experience and then work out we can make improvements to help improve the customer experience of the Beyond Blue digital environment and to help us provide the right mental health support at the right time for people within Australia.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed, please contact the blueVoices team if you wish to discuss the Online Strategy Committee further. 

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