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Join our Policy Reform Agenda Project Steering Committee

17 July 2018
Who can take part
blueVoices members who fit the selection criteria
Time required
If selected, up to five hours every month between July – December 2018 and up to five hours every two months between January – June 2019.

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue is commencing the ‘Beyond Blue Policy Reform Agenda’ project and is seeking two blueVoices members to sit on the Project Steering Committee.

The involvement of blueVoices members on the committee will help us to ensure that we develop compelling policy propositions, that we will then advocate for, that are most likely to make a real difference to the lives of people with anxiety, depression and suicidality, and their support people.

The Steering Committee will initially meet every four weeks, for up to 2 hours, generally on a Tuesday afternoon, until December 2018. The Committee will then meet once every two months between January and June 2019.


Responsibilities of the Project Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has a critical role in guiding the project. They are responsible for:

  • Identifying relevant policies, research, interventions and experts aligned with the project priority areas
  • Informing the project processes, including engaging with community members, specialist consultants, and Beyond Blue staff
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on the external scoping report
  • Informing which policy ideas will be developed into policy propositions
  • Informing the development of targeted advocacy strategies for each priority area, including advising on decision makers and influencers, and methods of engagement


Steering Committee Membership

  • Representatives from across Beyond Blue Groups, including the Strategy and Policy Group; Services and Service Innovation Group; Education and Families Group; Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Group; and Workplace, Partnerships and Engagement Group.
  • Two blueVoices members – one who has a personal experience of depression, anxiety or suicidality; one who supports someone experiencing depression, anxiety or suicidality.


Time requirements

The Steering Committee will initially meet every four weeks between late July – December 2018. The Committee will then meet once every two months.

Papers for the meeting will be distributed prior to the meeting for review prior to attendance. There may also be requests for feedback (provided via email or phone) on documents in-between meetings. It is anticipated that involvement, excluding any travel time, would take up to 5 hours per month between July – December 2018; and up to 5 hours every two months, between January – June 2019.

The first Steering Committee is scheduled for Tuesday 31 July, between 2.00 – 4.00pm.


One of the most powerful ways for Beyond Blue to achieve our vision, that all people in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, is through changing the policy environment. 

The aim of the ‘Beyond Blue Policy Reform Agenda’ project is to influence the next wave of Australia's mental health and suicide prevention policies. The Project will also pave the way for the development and scale up of Beyond Blue service innovations, by getting the policy setting right; and inform the development of the Beyond Blue 2020 – 2025 strategic plan.

The objectives of the Project are to:

  • Develop new ideas for Beyond Blue’s policy propositions, opportunities for innovation and Beyond Blue’s 2020 – 2025 strategic plan, through thoroughly scoping and examining the external environment.
  • Develop a suite of compelling policy propositions on:
    1. Promotion, prevention and early intervention (PPEI) in education
    2. PPEI at work
    3. PPEI with families
    4. Suicide prevention
    5. Low intensity interventions
    6. Digital mental health solutions
    7. Peer support
    8. Tackling stigma
    9. Older Australians
    10. Indigenous Australians.
  • Develop brief advocacy strategies for each policy proposition.
  • Launch the policy propositions and reach key decision-makers and influencers.

Activity Results

Applications for the Policy Reform Agenda Project Steering Committee are now closed. Please contact the blueVoices team if you have any queries.

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