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Workshop: Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in conversations about suicide safety planning

19 January 2020
Who can take part
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people affected by suicide.
Time required
Five minutes to apply. Two, two-hour workshops, if selected.

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue’s free suicide safety planning app, Beyond Now, is available to anyone who could benefit from creating a safety plan that they can access anywhere, any time on their phone.

Why we need your help

We are in a process of evaluating the use of the app throughout many communities and groups across the country. We want your help to identify the best way to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the evaluation process.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for two Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who have been affected by suicide. This can be as someone who has experienced suicidal thoughts or attempted to take their own life, or someone who has supported someone who has attempted suicide or took their own life. 

These Blue Voices members will be part of two in-depth workshop discussions to provide their insights and advice.

What your input will mean

Your input will help us design the best approach to the evaluation – in particular how we safely and supportively engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in discussions around suicide (e.g. through focus groups, one-on-one interviews), the types of questions to ask, and how we can best support people in these forums.

The other workshop participants

In addition to two Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Blue Voices members, the workshop participants will include:

  • Beyond Blue Diversity & Inclusion staff
  • Aboriginal Elder in Residence, Deakin University
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community member
  • Aboriginal Health Worker/social work/counsellor
  • Snr Lecturer, Monash University Rural Health


Beyond Blue’s Beyond Now app is a free, easy-to-use suicide safety plan app for smartphones. 

The app is designed to help people make their own safety plans. This plan will support them through times of sadness or grief. They can make it on their phones and carry it around with them to access anywhere and anytime. 

The app guides them through, step-by-step, and has suggestions for each step. It can help if a family member, an Elder or support person works with them to make the plan. It can be updated anytime and easily shared with others if the person wants. It’s not designed to be their only support, but can help as part of an overall program.

The Beyond Now web page has information for the community and health professionals about safety planning, and offers an online safety plan template as an alternative to the app. 

To learn more about the app, web page and the importance of safety planning, visit the Beyond Now web page at:

Activity Results

Expressions of interest for this activity are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their interest. 

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