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Share your experience: Recovering from a natural disaster and managing your mental health

13 August 2020
Who can take part
Anyone who’s experienced a natural disaster and has been or is going through the recovery process.
Time required
10 - 15 minutes to complete

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue is seeking your input to help shape content about how people manage their mental health through the process of recovery from a natural disaster. You may have been directly impacted by bushfires, a cyclone, flood or another type of natural disaster in the past or more recently.

We’d like to know what you learnt about managing your mental health and supporting the mental health of those around you during the recovery process.

How will we use your response?

All responses to this activity will be shared with the Beyond Blue Content team. Your responses will help them develop content for the Personal best hub of the Beyond Blue website.

In some instances, they may:

  • Lightly edit your responses (for clarity, grammar and spelling) as required and republish them with your permission (using first names only).
  • Contact you to find out if you would be interested in being interviewed for an article speaking to a specific aspect of your response (via video conference call or over the phone).

Any personal information provided by you will be collected and used in accordance with Beyond Blue’s Privacy Policy which can be viewed at

What is Personal best?

Personal best is an information hub on the Beyond Blue website. Here, people can find engaging and evidence-based articles related to mental health. Article focus ranges from highlighting the stories and experiences of our community to sharing practical advice and providing expert insight.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed.

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