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Working Group: Help Beyond Blue create an organisation-wide approach to building partnerships

5 November 2020
Who can take part
People who have been affected by anxiety, depression and/or suicide
Time required
15 minutes to apply. See activity details for specifics

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue is looking for two community members to sit on a working group that will develop a new organisation-wide approach to strategic partnerships.

What are strategic partnerships?

We recognise we can’t accomplish our vision of helping everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health by working alone. So, we collaborate with and learn from the community, education, businesses, government, and our mental health and suicide prevention colleagues, to work towards this vision.

The group will create an assessment tool to help Beyond Blue ensure the partnerships we create are based on shared values and are purposeful, inclusive, transparent and respectful.

Who are we looking for?

  • One member with a direct personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicide.
  • One member with experience supporting someone with a personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicide.

Ideally, both of these members will have:

  • Experience bringing a community member perspective in a working group or similar role.
  • An understanding of the mental health sector professionally and/or through volunteer work.

More about the project

From July 2020, Beyond Blue will commence a new three year Beyond 2020 Strategic Plan which will include an organisation-wide approach to strategic partnerships.

The types of partnerships and reasons for creating them vary. Examples include collaboration with other organisations, researchers and/or the community to:

  • generate funds for the support service
  • build awareness around mental health in Australia and/or advocate for mental health policy changes
  • understand what the community needs from Beyond Blue and the services, information and resources we provide.

A recent example is our partnership with Australia Post. This partnership seeks to make mental health and wellbeing part of everyday conversations and connect people to the support and information available through Beyond Blue. Read more about this partnership.

The role of the working group

 The working group will advise and guide development of the new Strategic Partnerships Approach over the course of the project. The working group members will include:

  • Beyond Blue staff from every business group and team
  • Two community members who meet the above mentioned criteria.

It is important that we keep the community at the heart of everything we do, which is why we’re including the perspectives of community members in this working group.

The role of the community members will be to bring a community perspective to the working group and work with other members in a collaborative way to:

  • understand what ‘partnerships’ means in the context of the Beyond 2020 Strategy
  • define partnership types and identify partnership opportunities
  • scope key partnership principles, approach and mechanisms that will foster an organisational culture of partnering
  • design a simple assessment tool to aid in the decision-making process for new partnerships
  • ensure reporting on partnerships is incorporated into the quarterly business review cycle.

Time commitment

The working group will meet for three workshops between November 2020 and February 2021.

All members of the working group will be expected to attend all three workshops and complete all pre-reading and actions for each.

Workshops will be held during business hours will run for approximately 2.5 hours, though this may change as the project progresses.

They’re are scheduled for:

  • Friday 20 November (10am-12:30pm AEDT)
  • Friday 18 December (10am-12:30pm AEDT)
  • Friday 5 February (10am-12:30pm AEDT)

Workshops may require up to two hours of pre-reading and an hour to complete follow up actions (though project staff will handle most actions).

All workshops will be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. As the project progresses and in-person meetings are allowed, it may be decided to hold face-to-face workshops at the Beyond Blue office, however, virtual options for attendance will still be available.

Reimbursement of your time

If selected, you will be reimbursed for your involvement. Reimbursement rates are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal Determination and include:

  • Attendance at each meeting (sitting fees)
  • Any reading required (non-sitting fees)

Any travel costs (organised by Beyond Blue) to attend meetings. *Note: Meeting will be virtual for the time being and may progress to in-person as the project progresses. Virtual attendance options will always be available even meetings are held in-person.

Activity Results

Expressions of interest for this role are now closed.