Our Speakers Bureau

beyondblue receives hundreds of requests each year for people to speak at a range of events, including community forums, conferences, schools and community sports clubs. beyondblue Speakers share their personal stories of anxiety, depression and recovery to increase awareness, reduce stigma, encourage people to talk about how they’re feeling and to take action to get help.

Are you interested in becoming a beyondblue Speaker?

We are now currently recruiting for volunteers of the Speakers Bureau in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. 

If the beyondblue speaker program is something you think you might be interested in being part of, we’d love to hear from you!

To express your interest, please complete the online Speaker Expression of Interest form with further details of your experience. 

Are you interested in securing a beyondblue speaker for your event?

The sharing of personal stories of anxiety and depression is a powerful means of raising awareness, reducing stigma and encouraging people to take action.

beyondblue is proud to offer the services of its Speakers Bureau free of charge. However, donations or fundraising efforts are warmly welcomed and help us to continue providing this service to ensure as many people as possible hear stories of hope, recovery and resilience right across Australia.

The majority of our Speakers are members of the community who volunteer their time to speak about their experience, to raise awareness of depression and anxiety and reduce stigma. While beyondblue does have some well-known Ambassadors, generally the demands of their schedules and commitments makes their availability limited.

We endeavour to meet all requests as closely as we can, however due to the large volume of requests received each week, we need a minimum of 30 days to process each request and search for an appropriate and available speaker.