Speaker spotlight: Anita Theruviparambil


Dancing and music are a big part of Anita Theruviparambil’s life. After experiencing issues with her mental health from a young age, Perth-based Speaker Anita uses walking or dancing to music as a way to express how she’s feeling through movement… and also uses her uplifting and carefully curated GIRL YAS playlist before and after an event to remind herself that she is amazing!

Anita’s depression started as a young child, but it wasn’t until she reached the age of 19 that she sought help from her GP. Since then, Anita has faced a series of ups and downs, but has learnt to use her self-awareness to her advantage and actively listen to what her mind and body needs. She finds a combination of connection, music and movement helps her to process how she is feeling whilst taking care of herself.

Anita is so grateful for her life and wants to spend it sharing kindness and joy, pursue her passions and to educate others. “I wanted to become a Beyond Blue Speaker to share my personal experiences and be a part of the movement towards more honest and authentic conversations about mental health. I particularly enjoy sharing my strategies and techniques with parents and children to encourage asking for help early.”

Anita remembers each speaking engagement fondly and loves the opportunity to connect with so many different people. “I do feel an extra sense of joy when someone approaches me afterwards to say that they also have shared a similar experience or thought pattern and will try to utilise some of the techniques I have shared. Nothing beats that feeling of knowing that you have helped at least one person in the room!”

Anita wants the audience to understand that you don’t have to be happy all of the time, and that every person is entitled to experience the full spectrum of their emotions. She also like to share that: “it’s important to try to embrace and celebrate what makes you unique. A psychologist once said to me - just because we are not something else doesn’t mean we are not of value – and it’s so true! We all have a unique set of strengths that we should stand proud in without any need for comparison.”

After being a speaker for Beyond Blue for three years, Anita’s advice to other Speakers is to make sure you take care of yourself before and after the event by doing activities you enjoy – Anita does this by distracting herself with a wholesome episode of TV to calm her nerves. Lately she has been re-watching Schitt’s Creek and try to channel the self-confidence, articulation and wit of the fabulous Moira Rose/David Rose. She also listens to her uplifting playlist and asks for hugs from her friends and family if she is feeling a bit flat.

She also shares: “Remember that it is a privilege for an audience to hear your story and that you are so strong and powerful to be sharing your personal experience! Remember that your pain is part of your power. We need more folks like you!”


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