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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Beyond Blue Speaker.

Our speakers assist Beyond Blue by sharing their story to groups in the community. We receive requests from all types of groups and organisations and match them with appropriate speakers to share their story. By doing so, our speakers help raise awareness and reduce stigma of anxiety and depression in communities throughout Australia.

Is being a speaker right for you?

Making the decision to talk publicly about an experience of mental health issues isn’t right for everyone. 

We know that living with anxiety and depression can have its ups and downs. However, it’s important that Beyond Blue Speakers embody the values of hope and recovery. Some people find that speaking publicly about a personal experience and dealing with sensitive audience questions can be confronting or stressful, which can make the role difficult for those who are continuing to experience frequent periods of distress.

We encourage anyone who may be interested in becoming a Beyond Blue Speaker to take some time to reflect on your own wellbeing and whether this type of activity is right for you at this time.

Recruiting speakers is an ongoing process and while you may choose not to apply this time, there will be opportunity to do so again in the future. There are also many other ways to share your experience and make a difference, such as joining our online reference group – Blue Voices

What we look for

  • Past experience of diagnosed anxiety and/or depression and/or suicidal behaviours OR experience of caring for someone with a diagnosis of anxiety and/or depression.
  • In a recovery space (i.e. not continuing to experience frequent periods of distress, undergoing treatment in hospital, changing or receiving new medications or treatment) for at least the past 8-12 months.
  • Must hold a current or be willing to obtain (at own expense) a Working with Children and National Police Check (relevant to home state).
  • Personal experience and subsequent recovery consistent with Beyond Blue's key messaging of seeking professional help.
  • No intention to promote or sell any personal agenda, business, venture or product if representing Beyond Blue. 
  • Strong motivation to promote community awareness of anxiety and depression and the work of Beyond Blue.
  • Sustained and respected profile in the public domain including social media platforms (i.e. no or little public controversy)
  • Alignment with Beyond Blue's core values, vision and mission

How to apply

Please complete the below form and tell us about yourself and your experiences. Any personal information you provide will be collected and stored in accordance with our privacy policy.If you have any queries or issues, please get in touchPlease note that applications that include inappropriate or offensive language are automatically quarantined in our system.
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  3. Section 3: Availability and travel preferences

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    We have a policy of allocating no more than three (3) speaking engagements to any Speaker in a month. You are under no obligation to accept a speaking engagement that we may present to you, and we will always consider your physical and mental health as a top priority. Based on your current personal commitments, please indicate your current availability

  4. Section 4: Personal experience summary

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  5. Section 5: Personal story questionnaire

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    Please provide as much detail as you're able to. This information will give the Ambassador and Speaker team a clearer picture about your experience and become the basis of your personal story that you'll share at speaking events.

Gender identity

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Do you identify as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Origin?

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