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Forums / Young people / Too Depressed To Do Exams?

Topic: Too Depressed To Do Exams?

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  1. Luka-chan
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    26 November 2014

    So recently my depression has taken a turn for the worst. I haven't had a good night sleep in a month, I've been getting terrifying nightmares and I have had a hard time getting out of bed to face the day.

    I had already pre-organised with my coordinator that I don't have to do my exams if my depression doesn't get any better, and she would rather me doing transition week then the exams. That's only because this years exams don't count for anything since I'm only in year 11.

    My friends are thinking that I'm doing it because I don't want to and that I'm just spending my time procrastinating and buying McDonalds while they work, but honestly I'm spending all my time in the sick bay trying to get some sleep and talking to counsellors.

    Am I in the wrong by not doing my exams? Are my friends just strung up because they're stressed? Am I just being pathetic?

  2. white knight
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    26 November 2014 in reply to Luka-chan

    Hi Luka,  welcome to Beyond Blue forums

    Firstly dont take notice of your "friends" opinions or judgements. Most humans are naive about depression and will judge you in the negative. When you need a friend to talk to you wont get one your age most likely that will understand.

    Do some reading on this forum. Use search.  Some suggested threads include

    DEPRESSION - a ship on the high seas

    Depression - is there any positive?

    Getting depression into perspective. Please read this, it might help YOU

    You dont mention medication. If you havent been to your Dr and are on a mental health program please look into that.

    Finally. Recent research has found that setting goals too hard to achieve can make you feel like a failure and cause the onset of depression further. Set achievable goals and dont be too hard on yourself. The depression isnt your fault and your friends might be naive now but one day their good health will let them down and they will struggle to. So you are not freakish....just not perfect. That at least proves you are human.

    Take care.   Tony WK


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